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ERP Software for Contract/Rental & Service – Up to 80% Grant

Year 2021
February 2021
ERP Software for Contract/Rental & Service – Up to 80% Grant
25 Feb 2021

rental contract service - ERP Software for Contract/Rental & Service – Up to 80% Grant

To remain competent in the market, many companies in Singapore have attempted to embark on their digitalisation journey by adopting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for their business operation. As one of the leading ERP providers in Singapore, Synergix Technologies has helped more than 600 SMEs in streamlining operational processes, automating information flows, and then improving the productivity and efficiency of the organization. 

Some of our clients today in the Rental & Service industry include Flexi Systems, Geoscan, Transit-Mixed Concrete, and Zulin South East Asia

If you are looking for a Contract/Rental ERP Solution Suite for your rental and service business, read on!

Contract Quotation

Whenever there is an enquiry, your salesperson can make use of Synergix ERP software to create a new quotation. Our software supports a flexible price mechanism to handle various rental or service pricelists that your sales may be required to quote. As you may have various billing frequency with different clients, our ERP software system supports a complete billing frequency method including one-time charge, usage-based charges, fixed recurring billing method such as monthly, quarterly, and annually, allowing you to create a contract quotation that suits the requirements of your customers. Once the quotation is prepared, it can be routed for approval by the approving manager before sending it out to the customer. The approving manager will be able to approve/reject directly from the email whereby all information required will be displayed in the email for their reference.


Once the quotation has been confirmed, EPP system users can easily convert the quote into a contract to monitor the start and end of the contract duration. Here, you would be able to manage all your active contract and monitor the contracts which will be expiring. Along the way, users can revise the quotation whenever your customers require some changes in the initial contract. In addition, you could also easily manage the renewal and termination of the contract here with just one click.

Delivery Order

After creating the contract, your client may then call in to activate the rental of your equipment. Hence, via the Delivery Order screen, you are able to pick the serial number of the equipment that you will be delivering to your clients. The system could keep track what are the serial number of the items that you are sending to your customers. As Synergix ERP software is also web-based, you can equip your delivery staff with a tablet while sending the items and allow digital signature to be signoff by your customer on the tablet. Softcopy of the signed Delivery Order will then be emailed to both you and your customer for reference.

Service Module

In the event that you also do servicing for your client, Synergix ERP software for Rental & Service comes with a service module to help you to manage your service call enquiry and servicing records for your equipment.

For service enquiry calls, you can capture the information when your customers call in. For instance, you could capture the time they call, the severity of the case, and the details of the enquiry. You could also record down the time of response, which is especially helpful if you have SLA agreement with your customer on the response time. 

Once it is verified that a service trip is essential, you can schedule your staff to go down to clients’ site for on-site servicing via a convenient calendar view to check your staff availability, so you won’t double book your employees.  Synergix ERP system comes with mobile service module which ease and convenient your technician in the course of servicing the equipment and recording the details of service rendered. You could also capture the actual time in and time out of your staff and there is also a checklist feature to guide the staff to know what to do for each equipment servicing. If there’s items or parts that need to be replaced, it will be integrated with our inventory module. Should there be Adhoc charges required, you can make use of the service billing to bill your customers.

Procurement and Inventory modules

As you may keep spare parts for your equipment, Synergix Contract & Service ERP Software also comes with inbuilt Procurement and Inventory modules. When there are insufficient stocks on hand or anyone needs to raise a purchase request (such as for office equipment), users can make use of our Purchase Requisition module to raise such requests. Supporting e-workflow approval, an alert will be automatically sent to the approving officer before purchaser proceeds with supplier sourcing and issuing the Purchase Order to the supplier. For easier comparison, the system will reflect historical Purchase Order price and the preferred vendor list to recommend the purchaser which suppliers to source from.

Logistics module

Once the Purchase Order has been issued out, you would also be ready to do GRN via our Logistics module when the goods had been delivered to your warehouse. Synergix ERP software is able to manage partial delivery so that any outstanding delivery owed by the supplier will always be tracked. When the goods are received, you are also able to make use of the QAQC module, whereby you can do a quality check on the items before stocks get updated into your inventory while any rejected items can be returned to the supplier.

Human Resource module

Synergix Human Resource module conforms to MOM and local regulations. It comes with features allowing you to monitor your employees’ attendance, which will be linked to the payroll module to calculate their salary. Staff Claims and Deduction are also captured via Synergix Payroll module. With our e-Leave module, users can apply for their leaves through our software while the managers can approve/reject the application directly from our software. The Staff Appraisal module allows you to review the performance of your staff based on the KPI performance. Other modules such as Training & Certification module shall help you track all the various courses that your staff attended, their skill and certification achieved, and the budget spent for each headcount on the various courses.


To support enterprises in digitalising their business, the Singapore government has introduced several grants for SMEs to tap on. Since Synergix Technolgy is recognised as a pre-approved vendor, we are able to assist eligible companies to apply for Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) with a grant up to 80% of the qualifying cost. On top of this grant, companies can also look into another grant that is Enterprises Development Grant (EDG) in order to minimize the net cash impact on their digitalisation journey.

Should you be interested in Synergix ERP software for Contract/Rental & Service, do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation!

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