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ERP Software Training Program for Better Employee Productivity

Year 2021
May 2021
ERP Software Training Program for Better Employee Productivity
12 May 2021

ERP Software Training Program for Better Employee Productivity banner - ERP Software Training Program for Better Employee Productivity

In the current economic climate, businesses are constantly adopting the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP system) which refers to a business management solution. Having an ERP system in place can make it easier to achieve businesses’ goals. However, ERP software is not really an easy thing to handle. No matter how strong the system is, it can only be made the most out when the company staff knows how to utilize it in an effective manner. Therefore, such a crucial necessity is that businesses have to empower employees to profoundly understand and fully leverage ERP systems. In this article, we would like to indicate ways that help companies provide an ERP software training program to enhance end-user performance.

Build up an Internal ERP Expert Team

Despite the fact that most companies and organizations own an IT team, they are stressed out as it is hard for them to be in charge of both fixing technical issues and providing software training sessions for all departments in the companies.

It is suggested that businesses should establish an ERP specialist team with an appropriate number of members depending on the organization’s size. The team will be in charge of guiding, advising and providing training on how to use the ERP applications to employees. With their in-depth expertise, these experts can help the company workforce enrich the profound knowledge, reinforce system understanding and get more familiar with the way the software operates.

Impart role-based training

Role-based training refers to offering software training based on the role of the employee. As the ERP system is used by many different employees from many different departments, it is better that the employee receives the training on the modules most relevant to their role and assigned tasks. For instance, if the role of an HR personnel involves calculating staff salary and OT time, it would suffice if that person is trained to carry out this task using the ERP system. As employees only need to practices the tasks related to their role, they are more likely to master the tasks quickly.

Schedule Proper Training Time and Materials

As the working stream is different from departments to departments, making arrangements for one single scheduled training session is rather difficult for everyone to attend. The advice here is that companies enable employees to take part in on-demand, which means allowing them to take proactive control of their schedule. Each department can set up a separate plan to take training of relevant topics in their most convenient time.

In addition, companies also need to document proper training materials as this plays a vital role in facilitating employees to use the ERP system effectively. The software documents are useful learning resources for them to get the information needed to work with the enterprise software. Before actually starting their ongoing training course, trained employees can have a look at the documents to gain a general overview of the whole system structure.

Seek feedback from your employees

ERP software training program is an ongoing effort and it is not a one-way affair. As staff members directly enroll in the training course, they can help companies to make evaluations on how qualified the program is. By taking into consideration several statistics like employee engagement levels, improvements in performance or reduction in operation issues, managers can easily determine if their current training program is working effectively and adding genuine value to the company.

Additionally, it can help in tracking the progress of employees as through the review, the companies can easily and quickly identify knowledge gaps. As such, they can make changes to the program anytime if needed.

Government Grants

As a pre-approved vendor Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), Synergix Technologies has successfully helped many clients to apply for funding of up to 80% of the qualifying cost. For enterprises looking for more financial support, there is another Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) available to look into. Applying for these available grants and companies will be able to minimise the net cash impact on the digitalization journey.

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