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It’s time to digitise your food business processes with ERP System!

Year 2019
February 2019
It’s time to digitise your food business processes with ERP System!
25 Feb 2019

digitisation for food business processes 1 1024x556 - It's time to digitise your food business processes with ERP System!1. Plan for Optimum Food Production with Kitchen Management

Synergix E1 Food Manufacturing ERP System is specifically designed for Food Manufacturing small to medium businesses in Singapore. One of the highlights of Synergix E1 is the Kitchen Planning function, which facilitates Kitchen Capacity Planning (KCP) and Ingredient Requirement Planning (IRP), digitising once manual and time-consuming processes in the food manufacturing industry. This ERP system‘s function equips Food and Beverage (F&B) businesses with the power to automatically track food cost and link figures to Finance, facilitating the ease of General Ledger (GL) updating and reporting analysis. In turn, allowing F&B businesses to effectively make quick and precise decisions.

2. Eliminate the Loss of Data through Integrated Front-end and Back-end ERP Systems

The loss of important information is a common problem that plagues many businesses within the Food Manufacturing industry. With the use of manual processes, the loss of data is an inevitable and common human error which is now avoidable with the help of Synergix E1 Food Manufacturing ERP System. The integrated front-end and back-end ERP systems allow important data and other necessary information to be seamlessly conveyed between processes and procedures easily, thus, assuredly eliminating the loss of data. This means that data is only collected once initially to be replicated in various processes, minimising data loss and time spent on the repeated data entries.

3. Updates on the go with Mobile Sales Application

Another noteworthy benefit of Synergix E1 Food Manufacturing ERP System is that it provides the flexibility of updating stock through an on-line Mobile Sales Application. This feature is especially useful for Food Manufacturers and Distributors whose primary service involves distributing food items to various outlets or locations across Singapore. Being optimised for Android mobile and tablet devices, this application allows users to conveniently take new orders which will be automatically synchronised with our sales management module. This application also supports route planning, which allows management to pre-plan the sales route of their mobile sales team.

Synergix E1 Food Manufacturing  ERP system is fully compatible with other Synergix modules such as Customer Relationship Management, Payroll, e-Leave, Training Management, Staff Appraisal and more, to provide effective solutions and increase business productivity. 

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