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Food and Beverage ERP Software: Opportunities, Challenges and Selection

Year 2022
September 2022
Food and Beverage ERP Software: Opportunities, Challenges and Selection
21 Sep 2022

Food And Beverage ERP Software Opportunities Challenges And Selection blog 300x169 - Food and Beverage ERP Software: Opportunities, Challenges and Selection

The Food and Beverage (F&B) sectors generate enormous daily sales. As the production sizes increase, the control systems get increasingly complex. This requires comprehensive software to maintain the stability of the operation system. Among various solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an outstanding candidate. This article will shed a light on the reasons why ERP software is favoured by many business owners, followed by the challenges and selections tailored for the F&B industry.

1. Challenges in Applying Food and Beverage ERP Solutions

1.1 Strict Regulation in F&B Industry

Many nations have enacted some of the strictest regulations for the manufacturing and distribution of food items. Additionally, the requirements regarding food safety are constantly renewed and published. Breaking any of these legislations can result in significant losses for companies’ capital and reputation. Hence, F&B ERP system must be well-crafted for easier safeguarding compliance, transparency aiding, and thorough stock management.  

1.2 Food Traceability Problem

According to Forbes, transparency was a problem for the majority of food firms. Many of them are unwilling to share information about their business for competitiveness reasons. Whereas, customers have the right to follow the progress of every product and the manufacturers in charge of providing this information.

In reality, product packaging is frequently associated with detailed ingredient labels which are quite manual. F&B ERP software, hence, has to develop “end-to-end traceability” features to provide companies with perfect data records more effectively and coherently.

1.3 Inventory Management Complications

Since the products in the F&B industry are perishable, inventory management is a crucial business activity that must be handled flawlessly. However, it is also the most challenging. 

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People have been forced to alter their lifestyles and diets due to the rising number of food intolerances. Now they are shifting toward healthier eating. The majority of consumers today insist on organic food, foods free of artificial additives and preservatives, and other such demands.

Inventory management is made more difficult by the fact that certain foods have a limited shelf life and are more susceptible to diseases.

Such robust solutions like Synergix ERP software include an effective inventory management module. The module helps to monitor expiration dates, notify you when supply levels are low, and aids in minimising waste and spoiling.

2. Benefits of Food and Beverage ERP Systems

While ERP solutions can help business owners overcome the aforementioned obstacles, it appears to be extremely helpful to F&B industry in many other ways. 

2.1 Real-time Reporting and Accurate Forecasting

The cost and sourcing of materials are the primary concerns when it comes to inventory in the F&B business. To guarantee that all of the stock is used up on schedule and without any wastage, ERP software for the food processing industry maintains all information related to the source and buying time of material, inventory costs, and shelf lives. With in-built tools such as batch tracking and predictive stock management, an ERP system simplifies perishable stock control. This increases traceability and eases the management of sell-by-date items. 

2.2 Simplified Integration with Other Systems

A complete system will enable the location of any piece of business data in a single integrated system and offer real-time access. Hence, a strong ERP solution should be able to interact with business systems like CRM or HRM.

The availability of data from crucial regions also considerably enhances business intelligence and analytics. 

3. Choosing a Reliable ERP Software Provider

Now that you see how ERP solutions can assist your business in F&B sector, the next important thing to do is to decide on the right vendor. Looking for ERP software with a robust fully-integrated system like this one from Synergix will settle your concerns.

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Synergix Technologies

Specially crafted for the F&B industry, Synergix F&B ERP Solution Package provides you with a comprehensive ERP system where you are able to execute with planning to fulfill customers’ orders. With Synergix ERP System, you are granted full control over your sales orders, kitchen order, logistics management, and workflow approval mechanism. You can also obtain up to 70% of the qualifying cost when you adopt Synergix Food and Beverage ERP solution.

Till date, it has enabled multiple enterprises across diverse geographies and verticals to transform the way they do business. Wanna run a smoother business process? Enjoy the advantages of Synergix ERP solution today! 

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