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4 Outstanding Features Of Marine ERP Software

Year 2022
March 2022
4 Outstanding Features Of Marine ERP Software
24 Mar 2022

4 Outstanding Features In ERP System For Marine Engineering SMEs Blog 300x169 - 4 Outstanding Features Of Marine ERP Software

Marine companies often have to deal with a large number of high-value projects and complex processes. Because of this, they may miss budgets and deadlines. Advanced technologies such as all-in-one Marine ERP software may be an effective solution. However, among various marine ERP features, which ones should your company consider? Read on to find out!

Project Management

Marine ERP software gathers data from various sources and centralises them in a single platform. Moreover, the solution tracks all changes and automatically updates them on the database. This helps companies locate data and produce an audit trail to analyse these modifications. As a result, marine firms can improve interdepartmental communication for easy decision-making.

This system also allows each engineer to create a weekly timesheet. Office employees and engineers will specify the project they are working on a particular week. They can keep track of project information such as the assigned engineer, the nature of the task, engineer’s information, etc. Once the planning is completed, a report will be instantly delivered to the assigned person via email to inform them of the given assignment.

Marine Engineering ERP system facilitates businesses to estimate profitability to avoid under-quoting or overbidding a project. The solution will calculate profitability and automatically generate the general profit level based on the required resources for a project. This will aid in making adjustments to each project’s bid amount. The system can also track various costs incurred in a project and allocate them accurately.

Equipment Maintenance Management

crane hook with cargo container text 3d render 300x169 - 4 Outstanding Features Of Marine ERP Software

For marine firms, equipment and machines are likely one of the most important assets for ensuring smooth operation. With the Equipment Maintenance Management feature, businesses can schedule, and monitor maintenance tasks. It allows them to plan, execute, and document marine vessel maintenance at the appropriate intervals to reduce machine downtime and enhance productivity. Besides, the system also offers a clear view of maintenance history records for the team. Marine vessels’ durability regularly degrades with time, so regular maintenance might help them last longer. 

Billing Management

ERP software helps marine firms track the billing milestones for each project. The data will assist the project team in timely initiating progressive billing and reducing the time between delivery and receivables. The project team’s billing percentage will be forwarded to the finance department for billing.

The solution also provides for a detailed cost comparison against the tender cost for each scope of work in the project. As a result, the tender team can modify the cost in accordance with the contract strategy, while maintaining the transparency of the entire project profit margin. This will assist businesses in participating in competitive tendering. Moreover, Marine ERP software makes it simple to update the newest cost price of tender items by importing data from Excel. With the BOM (Bill of material) import feature integrated, the tender department will be able to get precise cost forecasting in just a few clicks.

Business Analytics

container cargo import export business digital stock market chart 3d rendering 300x169 - 4 Outstanding Features Of Marine ERP Software

Business Analytics is one of the most vital marine ERP features. It allows companies to determine which aspects they are underperforming. The tool allows users to delve deeper into the specifics to understand and examine fundamental reasons for the underperformance. Moreover, data analysis and reports generated by ERP systems can give managers a helicopter view of strategies and their impacts on business performance. Accordingly, important decisions can be made and proper strategies can be implemented.

On top of that, ERP systems keep track of all budgeted items and notify the user if they go over budget. In fact, changes in design may necessitate a change in materials needed during the project. ERP solutions permit budget item change, either in terms of the items themselves or their value.


Above are 4 of the most outstanding Marine Engineering ERP features which can help you run your business with ease & enhanced productivity. Besides, ERP systems also provide other modules such as Human Resource Management or Customer Relationship Management to facilitate your operational process. Being one of the leading ERP vendors in Singapore, our fully-integrated & customisable ERP system will absolutely fulfill your own requirements. Do not hesitate to contact our experts for more information.


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