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How Can Field Service Management Software Benefit Your Business?

Year 2021
July 2021
How Can Field Service Management Software Benefit Your Business?
02 Jul 2021

4 Ways Erp System Can Increase The Productivity Of Field Service Management banner - How Can Field Service Management Software Benefit Your Business?

As in other industries, Field Service Management (FSM) always aims at achieving higher productivity and providing an excellent customer experience, specifically when the nature of work gets operation performed outside the office. For this industry, service job performance determines the satisfaction of customers. Hence, it is helpful for field service companies to stay close to innovative technologies such as ERP systems to boost their work productivity. In this article, we would like to indicate 4 ways that Field Service Management software can benefit businesses nowadays.


The problem facing technicians is inputting correctly all information in their working shifts at customers’ places into the company system. The manual data entry might cause numerous risks such as data loss, data duplication, transcription error, etc. Hence, FSM companies look for help from the ERP system. Integrating this software into the operation process not only allows companies to go paperless but also reduces the risk of losing important documents. All information and details recorded during the field service trip will be saved in the system, which includes photos taken and also signatures from the customers as well. Therefore, it helps increase the data accuracy and reduce the risk of loss of vital company data sets.


Task allocation is important to technicians and dispatchers as it is necessary for them to know all the schedules in order to avoid overlapping or overlooking vital works. Using the scheduling dashboard in the ERP system, office staff can see whether the technicians are on schedule or on leave on a particular day when allocating the service task. Office staff will not need to check for availability separately as the clear scheduling overview is all displayed in the system. Hence, not only do managers have a general view of the service status but staff members are also aware of what jobs are pending for their actions. Detailed information such as customer name, contact, site location is also included. The service jobs can then be implemented in an effective manner which contributes to higher productivity and better customers’ satisfaction.


It is popular that businesses want their staff to be able to utilise mobile apps in working processes because of the outstanding mobility. With Synergix Field Service Management software, on-site technicians/ engineers can get access to crucial data such as customers’ history or past records of previous service jobs from their mobile devices. Other than that, they can also be able to update details about their current on-going service work into the system anywhere at anytime. Even in the absence of the Intenet, technicians can still update their current tasks as data will be saved and automatically uploaded to the unified ERP system later when the network is available.


When it comes down to the field service industry, there are definitely a variety of works that technicians need to perform. To prevent the jobs from being overlooked, it is necessary for staff members to have specific checklists for to-do tasks. Synergix Field Service Management software offers users checklists or forms that can be customized according to the business’s unique requirements. It is also very flexible as staff will be able to configure (to add in) fields required to create their own checklists or forms. This unique checklist will remind engineers/technicians of all required service jobs they have been assigned, thus preventing them from overlooking the important work.

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To support FSM businesses in digitalisation journey, the Singapore Government has extended the support for Productivity Solution Grant (PSG). As Synergix Technologies has been recognized as the pre-approval vendor for the PSG grant, any eligible companies that adopt Synergix ERP software can get a chance to receive funding of up to 50% of the qualifying cost. There is also another available grant called Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) for companies to tap into in order to help them minimize the net cash impact while integrating new software into their operation process.

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