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Upgrade Your ERP System With Government Grants in Singapore

Year 2023
August 2023
Upgrade Your ERP System With Government Grants in Singapore
21 Aug 2023

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Your company implemented ERP software five to ten years ago with the aim of increasing productivity, reducing human-prone errors, getting real-time information, and digitalising your operations. But if the software is hindering your business’ growth and scalability, it might be the time to upgrade your ERP system.

We are now living in an era where technologies are constantly evolving, and businesses should adapt to the changes in order to stay competitive and sustainable in the market. Hence, we thought of sharing with you several key signs to look for in order to determine if your current software needs a replacement.


When your software is outdated and lacks standard features

Many companies are still using the ERP software they purchased more than 10 years ago. Back then, there were features or functions that were considered not essential but has become a fairly standard practice within today’s ERP software.  Without the latest features, a company will not be able to fully digitalise their operations, employees might need to do additional work such as manually keying in data, printing hard copies for records, or spending additional time doing tasks that the latest ERP software is able to handle.

When support is no longer available

If your company is using software which has been purchased more than 10 years ago, the software is most likely outdated. Your current software vendor might stop supporting the older version and require your company to pay for an upgrade. This is the time when you should consider Synergix Technologies as we are the principal developer of our software and we roll out new updates monthly because we believe in continuous innovation to improve usability for the benefit of all our customers.

When the software is unable to handle different business functions

We came across several companies which have expanded their businesses in the past few years. They now have several entities with different business functions for each of their entity for example: Entity A’s business operations are in manufacturing and production while Entity B is in the wholesale and distribution industry. While software might be a good fit for the wholesale and distribution industry, it might not be able to handle the machines and production processes. Hence, it is time to switch to software that can handle multiple functions such as Synergix ERP software as our software is catered for several industries such as Construction, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution, Architecture, Field Service, Marine Engineering, Waste Management, Cleaning, Retail, Food and Beverage, Rental, and Laundry. All the modules are integrated including Finance and Human Resource.

When the software is not available on cloud

Back then, hosting software on-premise used to be a common choice, but not anymore now. We saw an increase in demand for cloud solutions, especially in the past year because of the benefits of moving your ERP software to the cloud. Now that the pandemic has changed our lives and companies are operating with a remote workforce, having access to the software has become really crucial in order for employees to telecommute easily.

ERP Implementation Becomes Easier With Government Grants in Singapore

b4 - Upgrade Your ERP System With Government Grants in Singapore

Over the past few years, the Singapore government has been introducing new government grants in Singapore and initiatives to assist SMEs in their digital transformation journey in order for them to stay competitive and catch up with the latest trends in the market. Below are several government grants in Singapore and bonuses that our clients have tapped into:

  • Productivity Solutions Grant
  • Enterprise Development Grant
  • E-Invoicing Registration Grant
  • Digital Resilience Bonus
  • Skillsfuture Enterprise Credit

As Synergix Technologies is a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) pre-approved vendor, our solutions have been pre-approved by several government bodies such as IMDA and eligible companies may receive up to 50% funding by purchasing our ERP software.


1. 100% customisable

As we are the principal developer of Synergix ERP software, we are able to customise according to your most specific requirements.

2. Web-based: cloud or on-premise

Synergix ERP software is a web-based software that can be hosted on cloud or on-premise according to your preference. By hosting the software on cloud, users can access it anywhere, anytime which makes telecommuting easy.

3. Conforms to IRAS & MOM regulations

Synergix ERP software conforms to local accounting and payroll regulations which helps users save time and avoid errors from the manual configuration.

4. Multilingual & Multicurrency

Synergix ERP software can be used in different languages such as English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesia. In addition to that, multicurrency is supported too.

5. PSG pre-approved vendor

Synergix ERP software has gone through several government bodies for approval and is pre-approved. As mentioned above, companies may apply for government grants in Singapore while purchasing our software.

If you are planning to upgrade your ERP system with government grants in Singapore, feel free to get in touch with us and our team of experienced consultants will assist you at their best. Get in touch with us now!

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