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GPS Time Clock App to Reduce Time Theft

Year 2020
November 2020
GPS Time Clock App to Reduce Time Theft
11 Nov 2020

GPS Time Clock - GPS Time Clock App to Reduce Time Theft

Keeping track of employees or crews at several job sites can be challenging. However, with the help of a GPS time clock app, this will not be an issue. In this article, we will discuss the definition of a GPS time clock app, how it aids to prevent time theft and hence, reduce labor costs.

What is time theft?

Time theft happens when an employee is paid for some amount of time he or she has not actually worked. In some situations, company time stealing occurs when employees pad their timesheet at the beginning or end of their shift. On most occasions, when an employee forgets to clock out for a break or when they take longer breaks than permitted, they accidentally commit time theft.

We can’t say that most workers commit time theft deliberately. Occasionally, the company’s time management system is a common trigger of time theft, not the fault of employees. Tracking time manually in spreadsheets or paper time cards would cause wrong estimations on their working time. If an employee isn’t sure exactly how much time they worked in a day, they will likely round their working times up or down.

For example, an employee shows up at 9:06 am, they will likely record their time card as 9 am for arrival time. Similarly, if they leave at 5:56 pm, they will likely record the clock out time as 6 pm. The time difference here is just a few minutes and seems harmless to the company. However, if the business has 40 workers round their clock time up and down like so, that could add up to a huge number of 400 minutes per day. This time theft can lead to a waste of payroll costs, which is quite similar to paying for a non-existing employee.

What is GPS Time Clock App?

A GPS Time Clock is a time clock application with a GPS tracking mobile device. The application allows businesses to keep track of their employees or workers who work offsite in different locations. With GPS time clocks, workers will not have to travel to the office for clocking at the beginning of the day.

GPS time clock applications can also allow companies to avoid time theft by encouraging workers to clock out after a shift on their mobile, no matter where they are. This helps to lower the possibility of recording time incorrectly and to ensure the payroll costs are calibrated accurately.

Who can use GPS Time Clock App?

GPS Time Clock apps are beneficial for business owners who want to keep track of their mobile workforce. It is an especially good fit to companies that have remote workers and mobile employees, construction workers and gardeners or service-based enterprises.

Benefits of GPS Time Clock apps in preventing time theft

1. GPS Location Tracking

With GPS Location tracking, companies can keep a close eye on remote employees’ locations to verify whether they are in the appropriate job sites and safe. This helps to increase the accountability and to prevent time theft in the payroll side.

2. Real-time timesheet

The real-time insight from a time clock software is synchronized to the cloud and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Therefore, businesses can monitor their mobile workforce more efficiently by viewing timesheets in real time.

3. Geofencing time tracking

The software is equipped with a geofencing feature, one of the greatest benefits of a GPS time clock application. Hence, employee hours can be monitored quickly and easily without spending time commuting to another location to clock in and clock out. Instead, on the worksite, they will get started and the manager of remote teams can see in real time whether or not the employees have clocked in the right spot.

Synergix TMS with Geofences

Synergix TMS from Synergix ERP System is a GPS time clock app which has the capability of GPS tracking for Android and IOS mobile devices. The timesheet recording in our app will be automatically synchronized in real-time to the backend timesheet screen. In addition to that, Our TMS also has a geofencing feature allowing employees to clock in / clock out within a certain distance from the GPS coordinates with the distance can be pre-determined. That helps reduce disputes between employers and employees regarding the salary computation.

Should you wish to know more about our Synergix TMS, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

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