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How Cloud HRM Solutions Improve Businesses’ Efficiency

Year 2021
July 2021
How Cloud HRM Solutions Improve Businesses’ Efficiency
16 Jul 2021

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As one of the most helpful business solutions, the Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions are already put into service by various enterprises of all sizes and industries. To power up the advantage of this solution, many enterprises are gradually adopting cloud-based HRM platforms. In this article, we would like to clarify the roles of Cloud HRM Solutions in Businesses’ Efficiency Improvement, so that the companies can have a comprehensive point of view on how to boost efficiency using the solutions.


In many companies, a dilemma facing the HRM department is that they have to handle too much paperwork and routine administrative tasks that contain loads of information from different departments. This is originated to the overloaded situation and unexpected operation errors. To address the issue, HR departments have called for the help of cloud HRM solutions. The solutions help free HR staff from tedious tasks by automatically generating documents based on preset templates and information collected from the centralized platform. Processes related to employee information, recruitment, salaries, etc. will also be systematically standardized. Thus, HRM personnel can save a significant amount of time for other important tasks and minimize manual mistakes to the lowest level.


Recruitment and onboarding – one of the main HRM tasks, is no doubt data-heavy. It includes many continually reviewed stuff from resumes scan, interview schedule, interview feedback, source qualified candidates, job offers, training, etc. However, there is still a huge number of HRM managers performing this task manually. If your company is one of them and in the fear of messing the process up, it is time to embrace the cloud-based HRM software. The solution is designed to handle all the pieces emerging in the cloud with the capacity of accessing various documents and high data analysis, so companies can start single-point tracking for each applicant. With a clear and precise organization in the cloud, one more task of the HRM department is already much simplified with higher proficiency.


Time and Attendance Management

Using the feature of automated time and attendance tracking, the cloud HRM solutions help to monitor and evaluate shift patterns to avoid overlapping operations within the organizations. This management enables HRM managers to correctly identify and determine employees’ working and free hours hence enhance the efficiency of manpower management.

Training and Performance Management

Training and performance are critical to evaluate employees’ productivity. In terms of this aspect, cloud HRM solutions facilitate the evaluation of an employee on how deep their understanding about training methods and knowledge imparted to them in an accessible time. As such, employees can enhance their engagement through continually learning new skills, tasks and potentially dedicate themselves to more challenging roles.  Furthermore, the solutions also function to arrange all training documents (schedules, curriculums, grades, scores, history, etc.) in an organized structure, which allows HRM members and employees to check the on-set processes. Regardless of performance, keep track and review employees’ performance bi-annually or annually.


In every business, payroll refers to the process of paying and compensating employees, which includes tracking hours worked, calculating employees’ pay, and distributing payments via direct deposit to employee bank accounts or by check (“Payroll”, 2021). If there is any payroll error, it might cause issues related to employees’ rights and worst, a severe downfall for the company. Cloud HRM solutions own the features of time tracking, automatic wage calculation, and payroll automation; thus, companies can monitor each employee’s salary details in accuracy and keep track of deductions, loans, allowances, bonuses, and compensations.


Cloud-based HRM solutions are considered to be state-of-the-art security as it guarantees a high level of information and data protection. The solutions utilize a wide range of security measures (data sanitization, SSL encryption, session hijack protection, firewall protection, intrusion detection, alert, and prevention system) to provide a great connection during working amongst departments. Thus, there is no worry for companies about data leaking or data loss anymore.


On top of the benefits mentioned above, cloud HRM solution is said to be an absolute great fit if it goes along with Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP software). It will much more cost-effective, time-saving, and convenient for businesses to manipulate ERP system with HRM modules to streamline all the workflows and achieve goals easier. Recently, to help reduce the heavy net cash impacts on enterprises while adopting the ERP system, the Singapore government has extended the PSG with a funding of up to 80% of the qualifying cost for eligible companies when adopt the ERP system. As a pre-approved vendor Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), Syergix Technologies is here to support customers during their application submission process time.  Companies can also look into Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to receive more financial aid.

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