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How an ERP System Helps Distribution Companies

Year 2016
May 2016
How an ERP System Helps Distribution Companies
24 May 2016

Let’s face it. A large chunk of the distribution companies is still dealing with outdated software that doesn’t meet their current needs. This outdated software makes the distributed companies handle a discrete number of disconnected system. And if you too share the same umbrella, you already know how tedious the job is.  For instance, if your accounting software is not smart enough to handle orders, you would need to have a separate order entity solution. And now, if this order entity solution could not be integrated with accounting software – here trouble starts. And this way, you end up dealing with no less than 5-6 software and a lot more chaos.

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Stop all this madness by employing ERP System, also known as enterprise resource planning system in your premises. ERP system is an integrated system that aims to boost your company’s productivity by providing a one-stop solution to a range of operations including order processing, inventory management, value-added processes, contact management, accounting and an array of others.

But this is not just it. An ERP system is sure to satisfy a range of distribution needs. We enlist a few of them here:

  • Fetch 360-degree insights on customers

With ERP system, you as a distribution company could fetch invincible details about the customers – what they recently bought, what they haven’t bought for a while, how soon they generally shop and other such vital details. These form an essential part of the customer service and this is what helps you excels in the distribution industry. With the right amount of information, you can choose to serve the customers on time with fewer errors while boosting the cross sale opportunities.

  • Easy to access data

So now you have got the just single ERP system to deal with all processes and operations. No more mind-boggling between various windows of software and no heftier calculations. All the data that you need is now present at a place, giving you more control and power over operations and further helping you in saving time.

  • Manage inventory more effectively

Surely, you have hundreds to thousands of items to manage in your inventory and almost all of them are moving simultaneously. How would you track each of them and ensure that you have enough stock? Distribution ERP system gives you enough insight to take crucial decisions improve the purchasing effectiveness and manage the overall cash flow.

  • Profit analysis

This goes without saying, you’re in the business with the aim of making profits. And, thus, this should be ensured at all costs. Your ERP system should be wise enough to keep a close eye on your money making process. How much are you making and where?

Efficient ERP system would help you by allowing you to conduct a cost analysis on products, items and customers. This would give you an edge over your competitors by allowing you to focus on the products and customers that bring the most profit.

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