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How ERP Software Fosters Distribution Planning in SCM

Year 2023
October 2023
How ERP Software Fosters Distribution Planning in SCM
12 Oct 2023

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In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, efficient supply chain management is one of the most crucial factors that contributes to success. An integral part of this is managing your distribution plan effectively. In this blog, we will delve into the key strategies and tools that help businesses transform their supply chain management while optimising your distribution planning. 

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Understanding Distribution Planning

Distribution planning is the cornerstone of supply chain management, focusing on the seamless movement of products from production to the end consumer. This multi-side process involves demand forecasting, inventory management, order fulfilment and so on.

Distribution planning in Supply Chain Management helps businesses target the right market while maximising resource allocation. Thanks to a well-planned distribution plan, timely and cost-effective delivery of goods or services to clients increases customer satisfaction and increases business profits.

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Challenges in Distribution Planning

Nowadays, T&D businesses have to deal with a set of complex challenges such as fluctuating market demand, ineffective inventory control, rising transportation costs, etc. Meanwhile, numerous distributors still lack automation in their business’s payment, order fulfilment, and warehousing procedures. Overtime, these issues can erode the long term efficiency and may lead to severe situations.
Business owners must find a way to increase the effectiveness of their distribution planning to adapt, develop, and differentiate themselves in this new and tough business landscape. 

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How Synergix ERP Software can help 

Synergix ERP software is your powerful weapon for optimising distribution planning in supply chain management. Here is how it can make a significant difference:

  • More accurate demand forecasting:

Users can utilise the ERP system’s dashboard to get a quick overview of the company’s operations. The historical data can reveal highly accurate demand forecasts, enabling you to plan your inventory more effectively.

The dashboard lets you drag and drop charts, tables, and panels to receive all the important information you require about your company’s current state in terms of sales by client, salesperson, date, etc. You can also personalise the interface to suit their preferences.

  • Better customer relationship management: 

Businesses can engage with their prospects using our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and better manage transactions with customers thanks to the history order feature when using ERP Solutions. Through effective warranty tracking and servicing management, we offer a flexible pricing mechanism to facilitate the sales process and improve relationships with customers. Most significantly, with our Offline Mobile Sales, you will never miss an order.

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  • Efficient Inventory management: 

With real-time inventory tracking, Enterprise Resource Planning System ensures that you maintain just the right amount of stock, avoiding costly overstock or frustrating stockouts. It is easier to manage when knowing exactly which products are available at the appropriate time and location. Our strong inventory tracking module enables you to sort products with a variety of filters, including brand, category, supplier, customer, manufacturer, designated location, and others.
Moreover, we can help enhance information integrity in the transport and shipment process. By gathering and transmitting important information throughout the whole process, the Synergix ERP System avoids information loss among departments and during transportation. This module lowers operational and transportation management expenses while increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Smooth processes automation: 

Automation is key. Our Cloud-based ERP automates the order picking and packing processes, reducing errors and boosting overall efficiency. Streamline business transactions with the flexible Approval Matrix, which notifies a designated manager via email when a quotation is approved, and also helps safeguards your core information. The manager can be chosen based on the tagged business unit, hierarchy, or value and profit margin of the quote.

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Implementing Synergix ERP Software for Distribution Planning

To make the most of this powerful tool for distribution plan, follow these crucial steps:

  • System Integration: Seamlessly integrate the system with your existing tools.
  • Data Input: Regularly input precise data into the ERP system, enabling precise demand forecasting and efficient inventory management.
  • Training: Ensure your staff is well-trained in utilising our system. Plus, we provide ongoing support to address any concerns or questions.
  • Continuous Improvement: Analyse your data and use the insights on the regular basis in your distribution plan.

Success story: Raduga Pte Ltd x Synergix

Let’s take a closer look at a real-world success story. Raduga Pte Ltd faced distribution challenges at that time like data asynchrony, delay in order processing,… and implementing Synergix ERP solutions transformed their distribution planning. There has been a cut down on a lot of manual work needed to process orders and data, and the automated daily processes help reduce human errors. The result? Increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost savings.

Find out our client Raduga Pte Ltd success story here

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Effective distribution planning forms the backbone of successful supply chain management. By harnessing the power of Synergix ERP software and implementing it seamlessly, you can streamline your distribution processes, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. In a competitive business landscape, our ERP can be your key to staying ahead. Don’t miss the opportunity to thrive in the dynamic world of supply chain management. Get in touch now!

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