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How Can an ERP Streamline The Operations in Trading and Distribution Industry?

Year 2016
December 2016
How Can an ERP Streamline The Operations in Trading and Distribution Industry?
21 Dec 2016

The trading and distribution business workflow handles an array of tasks from inventory management to sales quotation, order receipt, order fulfillment, procurement management and sale analysis. In extreme cases, ineffective control over inventory could also lead to cost overruns and overstock.

Hence it becomes important that everything is managed with foresight and proper implementation. It is essential to utilize an Enterprise Resource Planning software to better manage the various complexities of these business function.

  • Empowering Inventory Control

An ERP can help you in managing your warehouses efficiently by providing accurate inventory data and aid with decision making, this means that your organization will have the better reaction time to mitigate issues like under and overstock. Moreover, the ERP companies will provide training to smoothen out the transition for staffs to adopt and use the system. After the live run, companies should be able to use the ERP software to provide insights over returns, adjustments, and receipts. These functions will ultimately reduce recurring cost and increase productivity

  • Better Sales and Distribution Management

An ERP can help you keep track of backlog tracking, order entry, invoicing, order fulfillment and the likes. Furthermore, you can also track fulfilled orders, shipments, backlog, unprinted invoice, and others on the go. These functions will allow you to better facilitate sales and manage your customer’s account.

  • Real-Time Interface

Real-time sales analysis is possible effortlessly with proper implementation of ERP sales analysis management. You will gain the insights on cash sales, credit notes, returns, cash purchases and so on which were until now hidden to you. You could take the decision based on a meticulous understanding of the business rather than just guessing on random numbers on an excel sheet.

  • Easy Data Management

Data management, representation, and analysis is a huge part of any company. Flexible report setup to best represent the data involved is highly advantageous for management’s consideration, a better-represented report allows easy understanding of data then shortens decision making.
To sum up, an ERP management system provides you with greater reports by utilizing real-time data management and a strong reporting system. The ERP meant for trading and distribution industry by Synergix Technologies encompasses all the above-mentioned features with 500 over report templates to select from that will definitely have a range of suitable reports that fit your company.

For more information on how our solution suite can help you in your overall business productivity please click here.