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How we've helped over 200 Construction Businesses in Digitalization

Year 2020
September 2020
How we've helped over 200 Construction Businesses in Digitalization
25 Sep 2020

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Synergix Technologies has helped over 200 construction companies in their digitalization journey. Hence, we understand all the common challenges that companies in the construction industry face. Through years of innovation, research, and development, we have developed a fully-integrated ERP solution for the construction industry which covers all business functions from project management, subcon management, procurement, billing, human resource, and accounting. Synergix ERP software has helped our clients increase productivity, eliminate hardcopies, reduce human-prone errors and communication errors, have proper tracking tools in place for information accuracy, well-managed data with sufficient controls, and real-time alerts that help to make better business decisions.

Some of our clients from the construction industry today include Ley Choon Group, Woh Hup Holdings, Guan Ho Construction, Obayashi, DLE M&E, Poh Wah Group, BHCC Construction, Deco-Base Enterprise, Concord Corporation, and more.

Read on to see how your company can leverage our software!


Whenever there are tenders or project quotations to prepare, the QS/Contract department will prepare their tender/project quotation submission. Synergix ERP system will capture the costing used for tender estimation as well as the entire BQ or scope of work and its tender rates. Synergix ERP software allows you to import the scope of work from Excel files into the system for ease of data capturing and quick tender preparation. Once the tender preparation is done, it will be approved or rejected by the Approving Manager.


Once your customer has awarded tender job to you, Project Management department will take over. Project Manager can first plan for Project budget. Following that, the Project manager can make use of our project cost schedule (based on the Project budget) whereby they can plan how they intend to spend the budget across the entire project duration and our system will auto-capture the variance between project cost forecast and project actual costs monthly to derive the S-curve report.

With a project budget plan in place, our system is able to capture all costs that you may incur in the running of your projects namely Material Cost, Equipment Cost, Labour Cost, Subcon Cost, Staff Claims, Assets cost and any other miscellaneous cost.


During the running of your projects, the site team may raise a material request from the job site to the HQ. Once the material request is approved, our system will auto-email an alert to your Procurement Department to do supplier evaluation before deciding which supplier to award the PO (Purchase order) to. Our system is capable of providing purchasers with useful information such as the list of suppliers from the preapproved vendor list or historical PO before making a decision.


Synergix ERP software comes with subcon cost, subcon claims, subcon evaluation, and subcon certification features. In this module, you can perform subcon evaluation, allowing your subcon to come to the portal and submit their tender. System will, after the cutoff date, allow QS to pick which subcon to be approved for the contract award. When that happens, our system will auto-generate the awarded subcontractor contract and record this as a committed cost. You may allow your subcon to come into the subcon claim portal to submit their claims to your QS and your QS can generate payment response or certification for your subcon claim with approval for each project.


Our Human Resource Solution suite which conforms to IRAS and MOM regulations is also fully scalable for integration into the Project Solution suite, which is highly demanded by our clients in the construction industry. The main features include payroll, e-leave, and biometric timesheet while optional features are staff appraisal, e-recruitment, and training management.
Synergix biometric TMS that comes with geofencing feature allows you to keep track of the workers clock-in and clock-out via mobile devices. The geo-fencing feature and in-built google GPS will help you to reduce possible disputes with your workers over their attendance validity. For weekly timesheets, this allows you to record normal and overtime (OT) hours an employee has worked for a project and charge this cost to the project. All this information will flow over to payroll and the HR manager can easily generate all the workers’ payroll. All your employees will be able to apply for annual leave through the system, which eliminates hardcopies. Once the leave application is submitted, the HR manager or supervisor will then be able to approve or reject their application via the system. Additionally, all employees will be able to check their annual leave and medical leave balance in Synergix’s software.


Ultimately, all modules will be linked to the Accounts department where the finance team can make use of our AR, AP, GL, Bank Book, and Fixed Asset as part of a fully integrated program. Our Accounting module is registered with IRAS and it conforms to Singapore’s accounting regulation. For your group of companies, we have a consolidation module that tracks inter-company transactions, handles elimination entries and allows your group to generate Group finance reporting.


At the end of the day, the management team will need reports to know the performance of the company. Synergix software comes with over 500 standard reports and in addition, you can make use of our Optional Business Analytic module to generate any ad-hoc report in real-time. You will be able to drag & drop, group and sort, filter by criteria to design your report layout. Reports can then be scheduled to be auto-emailed to the management team based on your scheduled time interval. These reports can also be exported out into a graphical manner for financial report presentation.
For management whom prefers to have a bird’s eye view, you can consolidate and design your personalized dashboard for a quick glance.
Overall Synergix is a fully integrated system that leaves no dept out.


As a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) pre-approved vendor, Synergix customers will be able to tap on government grants of up to 80% of the qualifying cost. Depending on the modules you purchase and your company’s structure, we might be able to look into other grants for your company such as Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG). In view of the current situation that has impacted many companies in Singapore, the government has also introduced SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit whereby companies may be able to receive up to SGD 7,000 upon going digital.
Should you be interested in Synergix ERP Software, feel free to get in touch with us and we will drop you a call for further discussion.

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