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How Whatsapp API Integration with ERP System Benefits Your Business?

Year 2022
January 2022
How Whatsapp API Integration with ERP System Benefits Your Business?
12 Jan 2022

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Throughout the years, ERP systems have proved their ability in managing organisations and enhancing business growth. Meanwhile, with more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication tools. Now, the integration of the ultimate business automation software with the most powerful communication app will absolutely create magic. In this article, we would like to discover the value that the integration of WhatsApp API with ERP systems can bring to businesses.

Whatsapp Business API

Recognising the need for flexibility in large enterprises, WhatsApp has created an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables them to integrate it with the existing customers communication systems. This API provides WhatsApp with a professional atmosphere in group chats and advanced support & sales tools. It allows you to centralise all of your WhatsApp customer communication instead of having it distributed among your staff’s smartphones. In other words, the WhatsApp Business API facilitates business connections with clients all around the world in an easy, safe, and dependable manner. 

The Benefits Of Integrating WhatsApp API With ERP System

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Direct Communication

Sometimes, businesses prefer to deliver particular documents or messages over WhatsApp because of its direct communication feature. Users can deliver messages immediately whenever receivers are online. As soon as the message comes, the system will notify them. Accordingly, integrating Whatsapp API with ERP software can generate a significantly faster-communicating method, allowing users to save time and reduce bulky steps. 

For instance, even when managers are always on the road and can not utilise the ERP system, the Whatsapp application is a wonderful way to interact with them. They can rapidly check, approve, or deny purchase orders. Their actions can be updated on the ERP system, speeding up the approval procedure.

Better Customer Management

Being a worldwide communication application, Whatsapp is an ideal way for businesses to keep in touch with their potential and current customers. Due to its speed and convenience, WhatsApp is more efficient than other traditional forms of communication such as emails or contact forms. The application allows businesses to deliver product catalogs, photos, documents, videos, and more. Therefore, it is much easier to advance customers along the sales funnel and improve the conversion rates.

Users can set up and send out automated messages easily over WhatsApp integrated with your ERP software. For instance, you can schedule messages about products/services details for leads, or a welcome message for new customers. This ensures that your consumers receive valuable required information without waiting or disturbing.

Moreover, as the most popular instant messaging network, integrating Whatsapp API with ERP solutions helps your company engage in real-time interactions with customers. You can always keep customers updated about payment status, pending orders, and order status. The application also allows users to send personalised messages on customers’ birthdays or anniversaries. As such, you can nurture long-term relationships with your customers.

Build A Strong Brand Reputation

After signing up to WhatsApp Business API, your account is instantly identified as a business account. When visitors click on your profile, they’ll see important information such as address, email, website, and working hours all in one place. Besides, WhatsApp will verify and put a green check next to your name as evidence of validity. This helps businesses build a reliable brand image, and gain customer confidence.

You can also use WhatsApp as a solid marketing tool. FrontPage has revealed that text messages have a much higher open rate than email, around 98%. Furthermore, if your client does not pick up the phone, the WhatsApp message serves as a reminder to contact later. Thanks to this, businesses can use this application to promote products and services. You can set up workflow-based drip marketing campaigns to send messages to prospective prospects in a proper sequence.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps, with millions of users worldwide, and now the integration of WhatsApp API with ERP system even makes it better. Enterprises will be able to scale their business, reach a bigger market, and increase the customer base. For all busy professionals, this add-on is a godsend.

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