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Improve Workforce Productivity with an ERP software

Year 2013
March 2013
Improve Workforce Productivity with an ERP software
14 Mar 2013

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Productivity has always been a factor in measuring a level of success for a company or even for an economy as a whole. Yet it is always set aside against a souring profit report or performing GDP, for that matter. Whilst, workforce productivity will affect an enterprise’s cost and revenue.

Rising to this concern, many companies has taken up measures on optimising their workforce productivity. Businesses tends to be more concerned about labor cost against productivity. Work environment, management motivations, proper health care and such are important ways to increase employees happiness and loyalty, thus making them more productive. There are also tangible ways for a company to take into account when it comes to improving workforce productivity. Managing and recognizing these tangible factors will not just minimize labor cost but also increases employees morale and well-being.

ERP Software can provide efficient tools

These tools will be part of a company’s assets. Tools might refer to technology that can help a worker become more efficient. It comes with various forms such as machines, computers, integrated systems and solutions. The more efficient, the more productive the employees are and the more happy they becomes because they are contributing to the company. It builds self esteem. Workforce’s confidence has always been equated with workforce productivity.

ERP Software can provide proper working area scheduling

Office or site management is one factor that affects workforce efficiency. An unplanned working schedule where two different jobs share the same working area or equipment can reduce productivity. It is important to have integrated ERP software to efficiently arrange proper scheduling for any project material and machine use.

ERP Software can design efficient working schedule

A well organized working schedule will keep a company from any labor overspending such as over staffing, under staffing, overtime/under time compensation, shifting location assignments and more. Workers will feel dispirited, tired and irritated while trying to cope up with changing schedule and location. It could also disrupt the workers’ physical biorhythm which can make them sick. Absenteeism and turnovers due to health reasons and dissatisfaction will also cost the company in terms of hiring and training expenses for the replacement workers. It is good for a company to invest on a reliable HR system that is easily accessible in case of any working schedule changes.

ERP Software can monitor employee Time In/Out

Attendance must be monitored daily to maximize the most available workforce for that day. To ensure accurate and up-to-date information on employee attendance, companies use time management systems that are linked to human resource management software or financial management software for easy cost reporting purposes.

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ERP System for Security check delays

Many high security projects or sites require extensive security screening for every personnel who wants to gain access on a frequent period of time. Security screening takes time and eats up a considerable amount of time for each employees. A secure and fast security system is advisable for such requirements. A biometric time management takes both attendance log in/out and ensures security within the facility. It is fast and dependable.

ERP System can help to monitor work condition

Information on the project site’s work condition is very essential in management workforce schedule. Differentiating many types of working condition, such as jobs that requires use of materials that are hazardous to the body, is a factor or longer break times or rest days. Such information must be monitored to provide a organized and healthy way of assigning schedules.

Perform frequent audits and break down labor cost budget

Schedule audits to evaluate employees performance and determine pattern of absenteeism, long breaks or productivity, if applied. Such factor can cause your labor cost to go up or decrease your target productivity performance. Breaking down labor cost budget will help pin point the discrepancies in the overall cost of labor against production. Most companies break down the budget according to weeks. It will also help if a company will implement a business analytic system that can provide real time data reporting that will be very essential in monitoring the company’s day to day productivity.


It is essential to have a reliable system to collect all these data to determine the factors affecting a company’s productivity. Depending on the company’s requirements, a flexible human resources management system is very important. Synergix’s TaskHub Biometric Time Management System is all flexible, accessible and can be easily integrated to other ERP software in the market. Synergix ERP System is highly capable of quality performing in helping you increase workforce productivity.

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