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Improve your business with Synergix Technologies

Year 2017
July 2017
Improve your business with Synergix Technologies
31 Jul 2017

About Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP software is deemed to be the effective method to effectively manage your company and is being used by many companies and businesses. Adapting to ERP system technology is necessary to be on par with technology. This is crucial to not get left behind and to stay well ahead in the race.

A decade ago, all the data of a business or company used to be written and filed manually. While writing and filing took long enough time, looking for certain information required longer time. The change began once technology had a grip on the way people and the world work. Everything was typed out and stored under millions of files.

ERP system has now eliminated the need for paper files as well as millions of folders. All you need is a database that integrates and organizes all the information of the company. An ERP system is the solution to save precious time, manpower and money.

We, at Synergix Technologies are one of the most professional providers of ERP system in Singapore with year of experience. Our Synergix E1 solution is a flexible, comprehensive, and customisable web based ERP software and has been of great use to hundreds of companies in Singapore.

Synergix Technologies
With the experience of 22 years, we are the leading ERP consultants in Singapore. We provide System architectural framework whereby effective solutions are customized according to the needs and requirements of the particular business. We are well aware of the fact that each company and business is vastly different from one another and that there is no one size that fits all. Our Synergix Business Intelligence team and ERP Software Support Service are our backbone in providing the latest and up-to-date service to our clients around the clock.

Client Testimonial
‘We are pleased to appoint Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd as our ERP Solution provider for more than 3 years now. Till today, we are making the most out of TaskHub ERP Software to help us with our overall business processes…Synergix’s fully-integrated ERP Software has helped us in delivering what we promised. The helpdesk and project team of Synergix are also very dedicated and hands on in helping us out through each process- from implementation to resolving concerns that we may face every now and then’- Boiler Master Holdings

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