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How an ERP system helps to monitor workers’ attendance and project cost?

Year 2014
February 2014
How an ERP system helps to monitor workers’ attendance and project cost?
26 Feb 2014

Since 2013 when the announcement had been made on the levy for an unskilled construction worker whom is holding a Work Permit will be increased from $750 on July 1, 2013, to $950 on July 1, 2014, and to $1,050 on July 1, 2015. Construction sector, which is one of the key sector that engaged a large numbers of workers and had always often been operating their projects via manual tracking process, should consider finding ways to improve their job site productivity or increased the value that each worker can contribute to your company effectively. One way is through the adoption of Construction Project based ERP System.

The common challenges faced by construction companies that can be improved include:

  • Real Time Biometric Tracking of workers’ attendance with SMS alert on missing workers’ attendance and GPS tracking capabilities
    Synergix TaskHub Project ERP Software had been helping construction companies with such issues. With manual paper attendance, it is tough for project manager to be aware on the actual workers’ attendance on site. With a real-time biometric scanning device to track the time-in/out of workers at site, updated back to office via 3G/4G connection or Wi-fi, project managers can be updated in real time on the actual attendance. Coupled with GPS tracking function, it further reduce the possibility of fake attendance since solution such as TaskHub ERP System makes it tougher for such issues to occur.
  • Equiping your site supervisor with mobile device to capture eJobsheet instead of hardcopy paper
    Yes, it’s possible! With smartphones being such a common device, whether you are well trained in IT or not no longer is a barrier for unskilled workers to assist you in capturing job site information. Synergix had assisted companies to equip their foreman with the adoption of technologies and today, their foreman is able to take photo of work done and upload via mobile phone through Dropbox integration to their TaskHub ERP server, update material consumption, asset movement (time-in/out for example) and etc simple but critical information as a centralized project repository. With a well integrated program, it further links to the costing aspect to aid finance department in reducing manual double entry work. There are several more aspects in which Synergix had assisted her construction customers and should you be keen to further discuss and understand more with no obligation, please drop us an email at marketing@synergixtech.com or send us a Web Enquiry (located on the Right Panel) and we will have our Consultants response to you asap.