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Introduction and Tips for the Job Redesign Grant

Year 2018
August 2018
Introduction and Tips for the Job Redesign Grant
06 Aug 2018

Acquiring an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System might be one of your consideration to reduce reliance on manpower as well as increase productivity to outperform other rivals. Nonetheless, it is difficult to decide on such an investment as it also depends on the company’s financial situation.

Understanding Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)’ concerns, the Singapore Government has introduced different grants to encourage leveraging your business with technology implementation as well as transform the way your older workers work by using technology to assist in their daily tasks.

Before discovering how to file a good proposal, let’s see what Job Redesign Grant offers!

What is the Job Redesign Grant?

Under the WorkPro programme which focuses on strengthening the Singapore workforce through creating age-friendly workplaces, Job Redesign is one among three grants that your company can tap on.

Job Redesign Grant aims at increasing your business productivity with innovative technology at the lowest cost. This is your opportunity to review and reorganize job allocation inside your company as well as improve manpower productivity and satisfaction. A good job redesign with Synergix E1 ERP System can result in Easier, Safer and Smarter jobs for the older workers, allowing them to continue to contribute to the economy with their long-term experiences.


Our solution provides users with simpler work practices by automating business operations. Understanding the difficulties that the elderly may face in their work for example in reading small fonts, Synergix E1 ERP System is designed to remove all paperwork in each process of your business. With a short training, workers can quickly learn to do their routine tasks on a computer screen with adjustable font sizes for a clearer view. The transparent ERP system allows users to effortlessly access to all working information with a few simple clicks. Also, there are alert notifications to keep employees aware of the pending tasks.


With the helpful support of technology, the older workers can be free from overworking, stress and tension, which results in better mental and physical health and leads to higher productivity. Furthermore, Synergix E1 ERP System can help to monitor your equipment and keep track of maintenance. Aiming to ensure your workers’ safety, this is to prevent any possible machine breakdown which might affect workers’ safety and production progress.


Aside from the above advantages, an ERP System can be customized to your business’s requirements and workers’ needs in different departments. Besides, based on the transparent system throughout the whole company, reports and analysis, then, can be set up to be generated periodically with the highest precision, assisting in your business decision making.

How much is the Grant?

Your company can submit multiple applications with proposed job redesign solutions for different groups of beneficial workers. Besides, if having embarked on the other projects as the Capability Development Grant (CDG), you can still apply for the Job Redesign (Rider). However, the amount that your company can is be subjected to is $300,000 in total.

 The table below describes how your company would be granted:

Job Redesign Grant Job Redesign (Rider)
a. Number of older workers aged 50 to 59 who is/are benefiting from the project x $10,000


Number of older workers aged 60 and above who is/are benefiting from the project x $20,000


b. 80% of project cost


,whichever is lower.

a. Number of older workers aged 50 to 59 who is/are benefiting from the project x $10,000


Number of older workers aged 60 and above who is/are benefiting from the project x $20,000


b. Up to 80%6 of actual fundable qualifying cost net of existing government grants obtained

,whichever is lower

Total Eligible Funding = Lower of (a) OR (b), capped at $300,000 per company

Tips for a Successful Application

Proof your effective plan

Before applying for the grant, you should understand the Government’s purpose for this funding, which is to ease Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents from heavy labour with the assistance of automation technology. This will promote re-employment and encourage older workers to continue their contribution to the workforce. Hence, you are recommended to determine your company’s workforce challenges and plan out a detailed effective project solution. Instead of going deep into the needs of your company, focusing on how a redesign solution benefits your business could make your grant more likely to be approved.

Avoid missing documents

If applying for the Job Redesign Grant, your company may need your current business situation statement, a proposed job redesign project and details of how your older workers would benefits. At the end of your project, there are more documents to be submitted such as the list of older workers who are benefitting from the project, impact evaluation report using the template provided etc., make sure to prepare the full list of the required documents to closely follow the standard format. Delayed or missing documents could make the approval process complicated and increase the risk of not getting approval for funding.

Consult with your Solution Provider’s experts

Many companies give up on the grants due to the complicated application process. Missing the necessary documents or having an unpersuasive proposal are some common problems. Ask for help from the consultants of your solution provider to avoid mistakes and confusion as much as possible.

With the aim of extending benefits for our customers, Synergix Technologies offers free consultancy for all of our clients. After studying your company’s desire, we can advise a recommended grant scheme and prepare the project proposal and application forms. If your company can meet all the criteria, the entire process may take 1-4 months with success guaranteed.

Start your application early

The Job Redesign Grant is a golden opportunity that many SMEs will strive to get. Start preparing for your grant application early to ensure that your company grabs the chance to redesign job roles for your staff members and improve business performance a step ahead of others.

So far, Job Redesign Grant has benefited almost 4,000 older workers of more than 200 companies. If your company is also considering getting this funding from the Government, make sure to have a thorough investigation of your vendors and prepare in advance. If you need help applying a grant for an ERP software/ solution, please feel free to contact Synergix consultants for advice!

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