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You are invited to the IDA Sectorial Productivity Call For Collaboration (CFC)

Year 2013
September 2013
You are invited to the IDA Sectorial Productivity Call For Collaboration (CFC)
23 Sep 2013

Synergix Technologies will be participating in the IDA Sectoral Productivity Call For Collaboration (CFC) consortium and we will like to invite you to join part of the consortium so that your company get to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Enjoy up to 70% IDA Grant Savings on qualifying cost and 400% PIC Tax Deduction/ 60% Cash Payout and $15,000 PIC Bonus for adopting a new Manufacturing ERP System to automate and improve your business processes so that your net cash impact is of minimum
  2. Tap into the $42 million funding set aside by Info-comm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)
  3. Achieve clear visibility to your production capacity , material requirement demand and manpower trace-ability within seconds and in real time
  4. 100% integration across all departments for both your local and regional plants and offices

The Sectoral Productivity Call-for-Collaboration (CFC) is a multi-agency effort led by the Info-comm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) to increase Manufacturing sector collective adoption and innovative use of info-comm technology (ICT). Supporting the National Productivity agenda, the CFC aims to raise the productivity of the identified sectors and enable them to transform and level up.

You qualify as an SME so long as you are:

  1. At least 30% Local share equity (by Singapore or PR) and
  2. Not more than $100 million turnover as a Group or
  3. Not more than 200 employees as a Group

Synergix Technologies, will be one of the Consortium Leader  to lead at least 10 SME to join in this program. We’re a 23 years old ICT provider where more than 400 companies had benefited from our long experience and expertise in implementing Manufacturing and/or ERP system for their companies.  Some of these companies whom benefited include Fong Lee Metal Industries Pte Ltd, King Safety Wear Ltd, Union Energy Pte Ltd, Techcom Technology Pte Ltd, Toshiba Data Dynamic Pte Ltd, Jubilee Industries Pte Ltd and many more.

If you’re keen, please feel free to contact us via marketing@synergixtech.com and or just enter your details on the right hand side of the panel under “Request For Demo”