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Is ERP System co-related to additional Manpower?

Year 2017
April 2017
Is ERP System co-related to additional Manpower?
20 Apr 2017

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Small and medium scale enterprises are on the rise now. There are many factors that contribute to this but one of the most important aspects is the use of ERP systems. These have increasingly become more useful to these companies. With the growth of technology, ERP is made available to businesses more smoothly and easily and at more affordable prices. However, there are certain developing misconceptions about the use of ERP that might restrict its use. For instance, according to surveys, the use of ERP might lead to the requirement of more manpower for tasks such as data entry. This is merely an idea that is being fostered. Let us have a look at some other misconceptions and the reality behind them.

  • Preference of Excel sheet over ERP system

Excel is a comfortable platform for data entry and most people choose this upon other systems. However, what people don’t understand is that entering data into an ERP system has the better outputs than Excel. The work goes from being manual to being more automatic, and users can draw more information from the data they inputted into the system. If your staffs can put the data in Excel, using an ERP system will make sense and it is essentially the usual data entry with added functions and features.

  • Added effort for ERP systems

This is another misconception prevalent among small and medium scale enterprises. The basis of any ERP system is data entry. Without putting in data, you cannot get valuable output reports. However, the good thing here is that data entry is partly manual and computation processes can be done automatically. This significantly reduces your effort required for computation and accurate report generation makes it a popular choice for SMEs.

  • A lot of time-consuming permissions required

People often complain about how time-consuming using an ERP system can be when there are a lot of permissions required for proceeding each step in the system. However, the situation is just the opposite. Firstly, let us understand why so many permissions are required. More often than not, it is the company policies that bring the permissions in action and not the ERP system. For instance, most companies would not allow the employees to go forward with a purchase order without obtaining necessary permissions. The good thing is that instead of hard copy signatures, digital signatures work well in an ERP system. So, even if the authorized personnel are not in the office, they can do it online.

  • More manpower skilled in IT

One main aspect companies look for in an ERP system is its user friendliness. If people who are not well versed in IT knowledge have difficulty adapting to a system, then that software is not well designed to fit the masses. ERP software should be simplifying complicated work allowing users to improve productivity. Once such example is the bar-code scanner, allowing users to scan complicated work order on their traveler card.

These points stated above are common feedbacks and concerns by our customers and these are not difficult to overcome. With proper training, it will raise the productivity of the company. To find out more on our ERP Software Singapore and whether if your company’s challenges can be overcome with an ERP System, feel free to email us at marketing@synergixtech.com OR fill up our “Request a Free Demo” form and our Consultants will attend to you asap.