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Key Features of ERP Distribution Software for T&D Industry

Year 2020
December 2020
Key Features of ERP Distribution Software for T&D Industry
16 Dec 2020

ERP Software for Trading Distribution Industry - Key Features of ERP Distribution Software for T&D Industry

The trade and distribution (T&D) industry is highly competitive and always evolving. To stay ahead of the competition, T&D businesses need a tool that boosts efficiency, cuts costs, and streamlines operations. And ERP distribution software is the perfect solution for these challenges. 

Inventory Master 

Inventory Master is where all of your Inventory (SKU) master information is stored. Useful information such as brand, category, and specifications of your product can be pre-maintained for use with the Sales, Purchase and Warehouse modules later on. Our Inventory module supports all the common Inventory Costing Method such as FIFO and Average Weighted as well as LOT and Serial Number tracking for better traceability. 

PriceList Master 

Flexible pricelist is one important master setting for a Trading & Distribution company.  Synegix ERP distribution software comes with a list of useful pricelist master setting that includes: 

  • Inventory List Price 
  • Customer Inventory  
  • Price List Pricebreak by Quantity 

Customer Master 

This screen stores all information pertaining to your customers such as credit limit and terms with your company approved by the finance department so that the system will alert the users whenever a client exceeded their credit limit, term, or grace period. For customers with a bad paymaster who you decided not to work with, you can suspend the customer so that your sales team will not accidentally quote the client in the future. 

Sales Quotation 

Whenever there is a sales quotation to prepare, your salespeople can make use of our Sales Quotation module to create new quotations. Once it is completed, the quotation (and it) can be auto routed for online approval by the Manager before sending to the customer. The approving manager will be able to approve or reject directly from the email whereby all information required will be displayed in the email for him to review. Synergix ERP distribution software supports different approval matrix including approval by value, SBU, hierarchy, or margin. 

Sales Order 

Once the quotation is confirmed by the customer, Synegix ERP distribution software will automatically generate a new sales order where all the details from the quotation will be transferred automatically.  For back-to-back orders, you can have the system auto-generate a back-to-back PR/PO automatically. Additionally, if you do collect a downpayment from the customer, you can capture the downpayment amount/percentage and the system will generate an AR invoice automatically, which acts as a reminder to collect the downpayment first. 

Purchase Module 

When there are insufficient stocks on hand or when anyone needs to raise a purchase request, they can make use of our Purchase Requisition module. Supporting e-workflow approval, the request can be automatically emailed to the approving officer before the purchaser proceeds with supplier sourcing and PO issuing to the supplier. 

Once the PO has been issued out, you would also be ready to do GRN via our Logistic module when the goods have been delivered to your warehouse. 

Deliver Order 

When your delivery man is ready to deliver the goods, he can make use of our software to generate useful documents such as picking list, delivery order, pro forma invoice, and so on. When required, multiple DO can be combined into 1 invoice for your client. 


Ultimately, all information will flow to our accounting module which includes AR, AP, GL, Bank Book, Fixed Asset, and Staff Claims. Should you have a group of companies, we have an optional add-on consolidation module which tracks inter-company transactions, handling elimination entries and allowing your group to generate a group finance report. 

Human Resource  

Synergix Human Resource module conforms to MOM regulations. It allows you to monitor your employees’ attendance, which will be linked to the payroll module to calculate their salary. Other areas such as staff claims, and deduction can also be captured via Synergix Payroll module. Leave application and approval/rejection can also be done via our software’s E-Leave module.   

Reports and Business Analytics 

At the end of the day, the management of the company will need reports to know the performance of the company. Synergix software comes with 500+ standard reports and in addition, you can make use of our optional Business Analytic module to generate any ad-hoc report in real-time. These reports can then be auto emailed to the management based on your pre-determined schedule. 

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As the Singapore government is encouraging SMEs to go digital, several grants and credits have been introduced. Eligible companies who wish to implement Synergix ERP distribution software for trading & distribution industry will be able to tap on Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) which supports up to 50% of the qualifying cost and SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) which is an additional SGD 7,000 on top of the government grants. Other than that, we can also look into Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), and E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG). 

Trusted by over 600 SMEs in Singapore and pre-approved by IMDA, Synergix Technologies has become the leading local ERP software provider in Singapore with 30 years of experience. Some of our clients today include Toshiba Data Dynamics, Union Energy, PDS International, QSS Safety, Raduga, Denni International, etc. 

If you’re interested in Synergix ERP software for trading & distribution and wholesale business, drop us a message for a free consultation. 

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