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Leverage on PIC to save cost while improving your productivity with a ERP System

Year 2013
July 2013
Leverage on PIC to save cost while improving your productivity with a ERP System
12 Jul 2013

NOTE: Deadline for PIC Tax Deduction is Dec 2014. FY 2015

Do you know that there is a possibility of reaching almost $0 net cash impact using both the PIC Tax Deduction and various grants available while achieving a booast in your productivity?

To encourage companies to raise their productivity, the Singapore government had offers IRAS PIC Tax Deduction. Out of the 6 qualifying activities, ERP System is one of that which is categorized under the Acquisition of IT and automation equipment. For companies with profit, you should be looking at PIC 400% Tax Deduction/allowance, which is up to $400,000 expenditure per year. For companies whom has no profit left to enjoy the PIC 400% Tax Deduction, there is still another option which is the 60% Cash Payout , capped at $100,000 expenditure. There is also the launch of a new PIC Cash Bonus, worth a total of $15,000 per company , and the qualifying expenditure incurred must be at least $5,000.

Example if a automation equipment cost you $100,000 qualifying PIC expenditure , you can deduct $400,000 from your taxable and for simplicity reason, we will take 17% as the overall corporate tax and that means you will save about $68,000 tax payment and thus, your estimated net cash impact will be around $32,000. thereafter you can continue to tap on the PIC Cash Bonus of $15,000 and hence, the net cash impact will further be reduced to $17,000.

In addition, depending on which industry you are from, there is IDA iSprint or BCA PIP grant available for application before the net figure can proceed with PIC Tax Deduction.

If you wish to see which part of the IT automation system such as the hardware and/or software can qualify for the PIC and which grants is eligible for your company possibly,  please feel free to email us at marketing@synergixtech.com and we will arrange for a Consultant to speak with you in further details.