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How we’ve helped Manufacturing SMEs in Digitalization

Year 2020
November 2020
How we’ve helped Manufacturing SMEs in Digitalization
19 Nov 2020

Manufacturing digitalisation sme - How we've helped Manufacturing SMEs in Digitalization

Have you ever thought of improving your manufacturing processes and tracking each and every step of your production? Whether your company does standard manufacturing, customized manufacturing, or ad-hoc manufacturing, Synergix fully integrated customizable ERP software got you covered.

With 30 years of research and innovation, we have helped many of our customers in the manufacturing industry to streamline their entire business process from sales, production, delivery, all the way to finance and accounting.

Some of our customers today include King’s Safety (under Honeywell Group), Fong Lee Metal, Wah Joo Seng, Alignment Tool, Oriental Motor, ICM Pharma, Penta-Chem, and etc.

Read on to see how the manufacturing digitalisation process can leverage on Synergix ERP System.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

The Inventory BOM screen is where you can define the production processes, machines, and materials that go into manufacturing your finished product. Our BOM has several features such as Multi-level BOM, BOM Version Management, and BOM Effective Periods to ensure that your employees will not use any outdated BOMs. With the material information and machine process timings recorded here, the system will be able to run your Material Requirement Planning and Machine Capacity Planning later on whenever there are new production batches.

Machine Capacity Planning

Synergix ERP software can auto calculate for the planner whether they have sufficient capacity to handle the production workload for all confirmed orders before converting into a Work order (aka Travelcard). As we know that plans may have changes, hence our software supports flexible algorithm changes including Adhoc machine capacity adjustment, machine reassignment, BOM replacement, BOM variation, splitting of planned production and rework of jobs that failed QAQC.

Material Requirement Planning

The software is able to auto calculate material requirements to fulfill production demand and it will be linked to the purchasing modules. When there are insufficient stocks on hand for production, the system can auto-recommend the quantity to order and automatically raise a purchase requisition once it is confirmed by the planner. Supporting e-workflow approval and multi-level approval, Synergix software can send an automated email to the approving officer before the purchaser proceeds with supplier sourcing and PO issuing to the supplier. For ease of information comparison, the system will reflect historical PO price and is also able to reflect the preferred vendor list to the purchaser.

Work Order Management

Once the production is ready to start, you can print a Travel Card or Work Order form to pass to your production workers so that they can update the work in progress. You can also use barcode scanning to scan the travel card so that Synergix software can auto-record the start and completion time at each production stage. In between, you can send the jobs for quality assessment.

Quality Control and Non-Conformance Report

Via our QAQC module, you can conduct a quality inspection, generate non-conformance reports if a product failed the quality control, and assess whether to scrap the product or send for rework. After production is fully completed, it will be updated into the inventory module which is linked to the logistics delivery order where the warehouse can prepare for delivery. An invoice will also be generated via Synergix software for billing your client.

Employee Timesheet 

Employee Daily Timesheet (EDT) is a screen which allows users to record each individual’s daily activities, and the labor cost will be added into the cost of manufacturing the finished good. This also is useful in ensuring traceability over which worker was responsible for which work order completion so that in event that there is manufacturing defect or product recall issue, you are able to do backtrace up to the worker level.

Finance & Accounting

Ultimately, all modules will be linked to the Accounts department where the finance team can make use of our Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Bank Book, Fixed Asset as part of a fully integrated program. Our Accounting module is registered with IRAS and it conforms to Singapore accounting regulations as well. Should you have a group of companies, we have a consolidation module which tracks inter-company transactions and allows your group to generate group finance reporting.


The Singapore government has introduced various grants and credits to support the manufacturing digitalization process. Eligible companies can receive grants up to 80% of the qualifying cost from the Productivity Solutions Grant and tap on other grants such as Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) or E-invoicing Registration Grant (ERG) to reduce the net cash impact. On top of these grants, there is another newly introduced financial support source – Skillsfuture Enterprise Credit which offers funding of SGD 7,000 for companies going digital. Should you be interested in Synergix ERP software, do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist for a free consultation.

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