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Monitor Your F&B Manufacturing With 5 Simple Tips

Year 2023
March 2023
Monitor Your F&B Manufacturing With 5 Simple Tips
30 Mar 2023

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According to Research and Markets, the global Food and Beverage (F&B) market is expected to reach $7527.5 billion in 2023 despite the Covid-19 disruption. This can be a great opportunity but also a huge challenge for F&B manufacturers to increase productivity and meet the demand of the market. In today’s article, we would like to share some simple but effective ways that can help businesses get the best performance of their F&B manufacturing processes!

Master F&B Manufacturing Trending

In the F&B industry, market demand for food and drinks always changes rapidly. This exerts a dramatic effect on manufacturing flow and determines the input, output quantity. Therefore, it is required that managers have to keep an eye on the latest trends. To ease this step, the advice is that businesses should have intelligent forecasting. For example, ERP software can generate detailed metrics with statistical calculations in real-time. Businesses, based on the reports, can predict seasonal demand and future trends. Thereby, they can propose new plans and strategies, identify challenges, and make well-informed decisions.

Control Inventory & Forecasting

Demand forecasting is vital since it partly determines the amount of available raw materials and products in inventory. Management software can facilitate F&B companies in this step. For example, Synergix ERP system enables F&B firms to update monthly sales and product forecast demand via reports. As such, managers or planners can ensure stock availability to achieve the projected sales.

The availability of F&B stocks also represents one of the most important factors in F&C manufacturing. If there is an inventory shortage, it will cause continuous interruptions throughout production flows. In Synergix ERP system, the Inventory Master module can help to store all inventory information. It includes necessary data such as raw material, semi-finished and final product, brand, category, UOM, specification, price, etc. Businesses can utilise common Inventory Costing Methods such as FIFO, Average Weighted, Lot and Serial Number tracking for better traceability within the warehouse. 

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Tighten Quality-Control Policies

Things such as food recall, shoddy goods, negative public perception, and health impact happen frequently, which significantly ruin the process built with effort over a long time. It stands to reason why quality control should be a high priority within any organisation. To ensure qualified F&B manufacturing processes, F&B sectors should use necessary technologies for strict censoring before goods are delivered out of the plant. For instance:

  • Metal detectors and X-ray systems are useful to detect foreign objects.
  • Temperature and climate control systems can help monitor for potential contaminants or detrimental changes.
  • Secure and restrictive employee uniforms can prevent human elements (hair or bodily fluids). 
  • There should always have an inspection process in place to comply with industry and government regulations for both safety and sanitation.

Maintain F&B Manufacturing Equipment Regularly

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F&B manufacturers rely heavily on machines and equipment to make their products. Proper regular maintenance is needed as it maximises production output, avoids delay and saves lots of money. Hence, it will be better for manufacturers to keep track of machine performance and status and maintain the assets regularly. The use of an asset management system will greatly improve the efficiency of machines and, thus the whole manufacturing process.

Optimise Packaging & Delivery

Packaging optimisation can be one of the best ways to promote sustainable business practices. It allows firms to eliminate unnecessary excess that wastes money. For F&B manufacturers, using fewer materials and carbon footprint, thinner plastics, or recycled cardboard are common ways that manufacturers can make use. Just a small change of the packaging size like that can reduce remarkably packing time, packing material cost, product weight. It will ultimately result in transportation costs and time savings.


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