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7 Features To Optimise Your Field Service Management System

Year 2022
May 2022
7 Features To Optimise Your Field Service Management System
19 May 2022

7 Key FSM Features That Need To Optimise Blog 300x169 - 7 Features To Optimise Your Field Service Management System

Field service is an industry with a variety of particularities and high competition. In this industry, customer retention and satisfaction depend heavily on streamlined and rapid response times to provide the right people with qualified skills. Due to this, it requires good management in every vital process. In this article, we will indicate 7 key field service management system features that need to optimise, so that businesses can gain great competitive advantages and stand out in the market.

Scheduling And Dispatching

In the field service industry, it is important to schedule and dispatch technicians or engineers efficiently. In fact, this allows field service companies to manage work schedules, and assign and direct technicians. More importantly, almost all customers expect the required services within the shortest possible time.

FSM sectors can consider using smart scheduling with calendar and appointment management. Also, providing technicians with their own schedules and tasks is better for them to prioritise accordingly and stay on track for the day’s appointments. These practices can help to optimise technician routes based on job factors such as locations or technicians’ skillset.

Work Order Management

Work orders have all necessary information from initial inquiry till completion. The information includes products and services, type of work, tasks to be executed, and other incident-specific information. To optimise this management process, a piece of advice for businesses is to keep all this information in one place – for example, centralised database of ERP system. This will save significant time during job execution.

Billing and Invoicing

Of all field service management system features, billing and invoicing must be flawless, and it should not be a manual task. Accordingly, it will need the efficiency and reliability of an automatic system. Synergix field service management system offers E-Invoicing with InvoiceNow that facilitates the automated creation, exchange, and processing of payments. 

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Mobile Capabilities

Since field service engineers work outside the office, they have to connect with the back office and customers. Many FSM firms do provide their employees with tablets or mobile phones. This helps them access information anytime and anywhere.

Inventory Management

Inventory management in FSM enables businesses to track and monitor the number of products and tools used for service. When inventory management is streamlined, technicians can get real-time access to tools with detailed information on parts, pricing, and current status. Technicians, thereby, are able to deliver their tasks more productively, raising customer experience and expectations for the service.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking supports companies in tracking vehicles throughout the day with proper routing. Besides, this tool also ensures that they will use their properties and assets (such as the vehicle and tablet) effectively. As back offices keep track of their dispatchers, the dispatchers will be more responsible for their job assignments and routing from job to job.

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Signature Capture

These days, more and more FSM are paperlessly oriented due to the lack of paper storage and difficulties when they need to check the orders again. Signatures now are preferred to be captured electronically. The signature capture feature is now available in Field Service Management System. The feature allows customers to digitally sign the invoice, saving time to generate and file extra copies.

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Synergix Field Service Management System

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