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The Power of Real-Time ERP System Software Information

Year 2023
August 2023
The Power of Real-Time ERP System Software Information
28 Aug 2023

The power of real time erp software information 1 - The Power of Real-Time ERP System Software Information

During the operations of a business, lots of information are collected and it plays a major role in today’s world of data. But in order to make better decisions and analysis, we often have to rely on accurate real-time information. In this article, we will be sharing with you how different departments within the company can benefit from real-time ERP system software information.

Procurement and Inventory

It is quite common for trading, distribution, and wholesale companies to keep a minimum holding quantity of their inventories in order to fulfill their customers’ orders on time. With real-time ERP system software information in place, users do not need to manually keep an eye of the inventory level as the software will prompt an alert to notify you that your inventory level has fallen below the minimum holding quantity which you have indicated. Users from the procurement department can then raise a purchase request or purchase order to replenish the inventories needed.

Other than that, the software is also able to give you real-time information on your inventory free balance which is the available quantity you are able to sell because it will deduct the amount of backorder inventories that you have not delivered to your customers and also take into account the items which you have ordered from your suppliers but have not been delivered to your warehouse.

All purchase requests and purchase orders can be routed for online approvals by a manager before the purchaser proceeds.

Project Management

For project-based companies in the construction industry, real-time project profit and loss information is essential as it is to keep track of when the committed or actual costs are incurred, whether it is within or has exceeded the budget, to control how much they are truly making as a profit. Without the real-time information from ERP solution –> Without real-time ERP system software information, the project manager might not be able to take the right action on time and the project might be at risk of having a huge loss.

Field Service

Synergix ERP system allows you to capture any information when there’s a service enquiry call/email.

For instance, users could capture the time they call, the severity of the case, and the details of the enquiry/ call. Once it’s verified that a service trip is essential, users can schedule an engineer/serviceman to go down to the clients’ site for on-site servicing via a convenient service calendar view to check your engineer/serviceman availability, so users won’t double book. Synergix comes with mobile service modules which ease your engineer/serviceman in the course of servicing the equipment and recording the details on service rendered. You could also capture the actual time in and time out of engineer/serviceman. There is also a checklist feature to guide the engineer/serviceman to know what to do for each equipment service. Should there be adhoc charges required (such as part replacement or additional services out of the original contract scope), users can make use of the service billing to bill your customer. Also, engineer/serviceman can take photos and attach them as evidence of service completion and once the service is completed, customers can provide feedback and capture their acknowledgment signature electronically.

Finance and Accounting

Usually, all information will flow to the Finance department because our software has an integrated accounting module that includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Bank Book, Fixed Asset, and Staff Claims. For example, finance users will be alerted if there are invoices that are overdue so that they can take necessary actions. In addition, the software is also able to do credit limit or credit terms checking whereby finance approval is needed if a customer has exceeded their credit limit. Other than that, companies can easily manage any inter-company transaction changes and generate real-time finance reports when needed. As such, the management will easily be able to have a bird’s view of the performance of the company.

Human Resource Management

Timesheets are often linked to payroll, hence, the accuracy of timesheets is important. Synergix biometric timesheet which comes with an in-built Google GPS captures the user’s location when they clock in/out, which is especially useful for companies who have workers at different project sites and at the same time, with a geofencing feature, users are only allowed to clock in/out within a certain distance from a location. The timesheet from different locations would be automatically synchronized to the backend ERP system software in real-time so that Managers will be able to have visibility of their employees’ attendance.

Standard Reports

Synergix ERP System Software comes with over 500 standard reports for real-time reporting. Other than that, the reports can also be scheduled to be automatically emailed to specific users based on your scheduled time interval such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

Government Grants

As a PSG pre-approved vendor (by IMDA), Synergix Technologies has successfully helped many clients tap into Productivity Solutions Grant which provides funding of up to 50% of the qualifying cost. Other than that, enterprises can also look into several other available grants such as Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG), and Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) which helps to minimize the net cash impact.

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