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How To Prepare Your Staff For Digital Transformation?

Year 2019
June 2019
How To Prepare Your Staff For Digital Transformation?
21 Jun 2019


How to prepare your staff members for Digital Transformation 4 - How To Prepare Your Staff For Digital Transformation?

It is not a surprise that in the new digital era, digital transformation has helped businesses to uncover the best ways to approach customers, develop more effective business procedures and establish better connections among technology, people and processes. Theoretically, technology advancements such as artificial intelligence, big data, automation and machine learning are the key factors that will determine a company’s success in the digital transformation journey. However, in reality, digital transformation cannot be possible without the efforts and inputs of qualified and educated employees. Thus, education and pieces of training which prepare staff members for digitalization play a critical role in the journey of embracing digital disruption and fostering businesses’ exponential growth.

Let’s take a look at the steps that your business can take to prepare employees for digitalization.

1. Redefine Your Business Culture

Redefine your business culture 1024x579 - How To Prepare Your Staff For Digital Transformation?

Before business leaders undergo digitalization, the business culture will be the first and foremost criteria that should be carefully reconsidered. Normally, an organization with a positive work culture will elevate the productivity of employees, which leads to greater business performance. In digital transformation, it is crucial to develop and practice a business culture which encourages employees to have a digital learning mindset.

For instance, when an organization takes digital transformation into consideration, employees are often under pressure as even the most senior employees will worry about being outsourced or replaced. In this case, open communication such as holding a meeting about digital transformation will help every staff within the enterprise to understand the situation and prepare for it. As a result, they will be willing to embrace new technologies instead of being afraid of their livelihoods that will lead to lower engagement and lower productivity. Therefore, redefining organizational culture is the very first step in preparation for digital transformation.

2. Invest in Managers’ Development

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Managers are considered as key stakeholders in the process of digital transformation as they are the ones which will spearhead and lead any digital changes within the company. From top-level managers to mid-level managers within the entity, they should have highly-qualified skills to encourage staff members and motivate them to work efficiently. In order to reach the goal, it is a necessity that managers continuously update their mindset to demystify digital changes.

As digital transformation is not a one-stop destination, changes in today’s technologies require businesses to constantly monitor, implement and upgrade their operations. Highly-qualified managers with agile thinking will adapt to changes and transform traditional business practices into innovative business roadmaps. They are the ones who will help staff members understand the positive impacts of technologies in organizational development and proactively make a conscious effort to increase digital intelligence. Thus, investing in managers’ development is one of the indispensable steps in preparation for the digital transformation journey.

3. Determine a Strategic Approach for Training

Determine a strategic approach for training 1024x576 - How To Prepare Your Staff For Digital Transformation?

In the end, staff members will be the biggest driver of your company’s digital transformation. Once a new business processes undergo digitalization, it should identify the knowledge gaps between employees and the enterprise’s requirement so as to fill the gaps.

In order to equip their workers with essential skill sets and knowledge to trigger the transformation, the entity should develop a training strategy for upskilling. The training strategy is to ensure that all employees will be able to keep up with new technologies as some workers aren’t familiar with technology and IT beforehand, while others could be able to acquire advanced knowledge instantly.

Following on from this, it is important to determine a strategic approach to continuously reskill staff members as well. While every industry and organization are different, leaders should still plan to uphold training sessions and maintain regular meetings which are reactive towards changes in the digital technologies regardless of the industry they are in. Additionally, businesses could combine online training and coaching for hands-on guidance. This is to ensure that all employees can keep up with a high level of digital usage which will ultimately lead to the desired outcomes.


“Without labor nothing prospers”. In digital transformation, the human factor is a profound factor which will directly affect a business’s prosperity. Companies should not only focus on empowering the employees but also enhance and develop their abilities by providing a learning and working-integrated environment.

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