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How Smart Logistics Help in Warehouse Management

Year 2023
January 2023
How Smart Logistics Help in Warehouse Management
18 Jan 2023

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In logistics management strategy, smart logistics has become a promising solution for handling the increasing complexity and volume of logistics operations. Since the pandemic has changed customers’ buying habits, many wholesalers and distributors have leveraged this method with scalable, flexible, and future-oriented technologies to make warehouse operations more efficient and gain competitive advantages. This article is about how smart logistics can empower businesses in warehouse management. Read to explore!

What is Smart Logistics?

Smart logistics is defined as an approach to logistics management that uses advanced technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchain, machine learning, etc. This method aims to optimise logistics operations and improve the overall performance of a company’s supply chain. Thereby, trading and distribution (T&D) firms can ensure maximum and nonstop operational throughput.

In warehouse management, businesses can employ these advanced technologies to increase process control, optimise warehouse throughput, and minimise operating costs. 

How can Smart Logistics Help in Warehouse Management?

Smart logistics is able to replace manual systems with automated equipment, machines or robots for repetitive tasks. For instance, moving goods, arrangings high shelves, inserting and extracting unit loads, etc. These operations can also be coordinated with a warehouse management system (WMS) or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Thanks to this practice, businesses can limit the risks of errors and optimises all operations performed in it with a centralised platform with comprehensive information; thereby, gain a clear insight before making any decisions.

With AI, T&D sectors can gain digital control of stock and inventory. AI offers warehouse slotting or location management, which ensures a well-organised warehouse and reduces time in finding stock. AI can also be integrated with IoT to ensure physical integrity for products, automated systems, and operators. It will also enhance worker safety and productivity.

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Automated transportation and storage solutions such as pallet conveyors, mini-load systems, and AS/RS for pallets can be applied to routine works and maximise storage capacity by storing items in a compact way. Robots inside the warehouse are in charge of good movements and order picking. Some common robots are automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and cobots.

ERP System in Smart Logistics

In inventory and warehouse management, ERP software centralises all important data and information for logistics companies in one place including orders, inbound and outbound sales, delivery, and more. It allows managers to have real-time access and prediction of sales and delivery time.

Analytics from ERP solutions can help to provide business intelligence to the company and identify various activities. Also, with inventory modules integrated with tracking technologies (barcode scanning, lot/serial number, etc), warehouse management not only can track the location of items but also can track their stages, from raw to semi-finished or finished.

In distribution, ERP systems also facilitate communication amongst suppliers, distributors, retailers, and shippers with real-time information. This will help to improve the handling and delivery of the goods, ensuring they arrive on time.


By taking a strategic approach to implement smart logistics, companies can reap the benefits of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved inner distribution. You can explore more on how ERP solutions can help you again with smarter and more optimal logistics processes with us. Don’t hesitate to drop a message here.

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