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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | Christmas 2016

Year 2016
December 2016
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | Christmas 2016
23 Dec 2016

Synergix ERP has been constantly improving with new added enhancements over the years. This coming year, we are looking forward to re-innovate Taskhub and giving it a huge overhaul. The new Taskhub will be re-named Synergix E1. We aspire to upgrade it to give better user experience, better interface, scalable, robust & cost effective. The teams in Synergix Technologies are in full steam upgrading Taskhub to become Synergix E1.

The following will document some of the enhancements that are underway spearheaded by different teams tasked with the developing enhancements for Taskhub.

The teams have been working to define and optimized the most efficient workflow, base on the experiences and knowledge garnered over the years in this industry. Development for Synergix E1 ERP Software will adopt a user-centric approach, which is an improvement from TH5. A specific example is that TH5 have a standard screen (IE. Sales order screen) for all industries to use. What the teams are currently designing and developing would be a specific “sales order screen” that is tailored to each industry. Making it a step forward making a more optimized workflow.

Synergix E1 ERP System will also aim to be more scalable, robust and cost-effective to develop and maintain. Modification customization has back-end development have always been a costly issue for out clients, by enhancing the overall scalability of our system it paves the road to allow further enhancement cost effective and cheaper to develop and maintain.

Moving forwards, there will be other features and upgrades packed inside Synergix E1 ERP Solution, stay tune to our ERP System updates as we will unveil more in the coming months. To get our updates, follow us on our corporate Facebook, Linkedin.