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Synergix E1 – Our New Account Manager

Year 2016
December 2016
Synergix E1 – Our New Account Manager
23 Dec 2016

Introducing our New Account Manager – Josephine Liauw
In efforts to improve and provide a holistic customer service & support system in place, we have officially appointed a new role that specializes in customer account servicing to ensure all our customers experience only the best services they could get during the post-live run of the system.

What some of the job scopes will cover:
– Maintaining long-term service commitments from clients and positive image of Synergix Technologies
– Post Live-Run /Post Sales Client Relationship
– Bringing clients relationship level to be an advocate of our solutions
– Enhance client relationship level and future collaboration opportunities
– Structured feedback gathering session
– Showcasing new system updates and bringing the latest trend of ERP to clients
– Presenting upgrades options TH2/TH5 to Synergix E1, JasperBA support packages
– Evolving ERP solutions along with the growth expansion of our clients to help clients gain competitive advantage over other competitors
– Inspire clients to pursue new ideas and possibilities to achieve greater efficiency within the company
– Facilitate client’s engagement with our IT support maintenance
– Utilize marketing resources to drive account retention and growth

Equipped with a combination of interpersonal skills and experience in the quality service industry and ERP sales from various past job experiences, our Business Solutions Consultant – Josephine Liauw will be taking up the role of an Account Manager to ensure customer satisfaction level of our ERP system and sustainable growth for our customer’s company.
Josephine is a highly passionate individual who possesses high degree of personal integrity, professionalism and ability to think through and solve problems methodically. Being well versed in our various solution suites, be sure that she is a definite fit to assist you in any ERP issues you face after a live run.
Through this role, we hope to foster deeper and personalized relationships with our customers. Furthermore, we would like to readily provide our customers with more assistance to ensure our solutions are highly maintained for within our customers’ company.