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Telecommuting Easily with Synergix ERP Software

Year 2020
August 2020
Telecommuting Easily with Synergix ERP Software
07 Aug 2020

Picture1 - Telecommuting Easily with Synergix ERP Software

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us in several ways and we are forced to rethink our day to day lives. With new regulations and restrictions introduced over the past few months to slow down the spread of the virus, many companies have implemented work from home practices. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have also announced that they will be allowing telecommuting permanently. Even companies that were resistant to the work from home concept have been forced to do so.

We believe that many organizations in the world have no experiences in enabling a work from home workforce before this pandemic happened, and we foresee that there will be a growing number of companies implementing this strategy. Thanks to the advancement of technologies like the ERP system, telecommuting is now feasible and seamless with minimal effects on the company.

Desktop 2 - Telecommuting Easily with Synergix ERP Software

Synergix ERP software is a web-based fully integrated software which can be hosted on cloud or on-premise. With cloud ERP in place, most of the business functions can be done remotely without the need for employees to return to their workplace as all the information and files are stored inside the system. For example:

  • With all the timesheet information captured into our software in real-time, Human Resource managers will just need to click on a button and they will be able to generate payroll with OT salary automatically computed. Conforming to local MOM regulations, CPF is automatically worked out and information files such as CPF and IR8A reports are readily available from the system. Should you pay your staff via Bank Giro, our system has files for you to directly upload to your bank’s portal for payment instruction.
  • Field service engineers will not be required to bring piles of hardcopy service sheet as our system allows them to pre-configure a digital service sheet so that engineers can update their job completion digitally. Additionally, our system supports the recording of digital signature upon service completion and can be automatically emailed to your client.
  • Every sales quotation done will be stored in our system. Quotations can be automatically routed for online approval by a Sales Manager before it is sent out to a customer. Sales executives can easily track their past quotations in the history tab without the need to go through a pile of papers in order to refer to their previous quotations.
  • As our software is fully integrated with the accounting and finance module, users no longer need to manually key in AR/AP invoices. All information will automatically flow down from the sales/project/contract/service or purchase order.


image 2020 08 12T04 55 49 497Z - Telecommuting Easily with Synergix ERP Software

With all the examples above, our software makes telecommuting easy and allows you to operate your business with minimal disruptions. Our customers have seen an increase in productivity and a decrease in human-prone error, with the elimination of hardcopy documents and manual processing of paperwork. Moreover, our software gives you real-time information about your business whereby you will receive alerts when there is a shortage of inventory when work passes are about to expire, and when leave application or staff claims have been approved or rejected. As we are the principal developer of our software with 30 years of experience helping over 600 SMEs and MNCs in Singapore to go digital, we listen to your needs and can customize our software to your most specific requirements.

In order to help businesses accelerate digital adoption, the Singapore government has introduced several initiatives such as Productivity Solutions Grant, Enterprise Development Grant, E-Invoicing Registration Grant, and Digital Resilience Bonus (Food Service and Retail Sectors). Hence, with all these available government grants, it is really the right time to look into digitalising your business operations. As a PSG pre-approved vendor, Synergix Technologies’ solutions are eligible for up to 80% funding from the government which can decrease the overall net cash impact of your investment.

Should you wish to know more about telecommuting with our software, feel free to contact us for a free consultation!

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