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The Integration Of Synergix ERP System With IoT Solution For Manufacturing Industry

Year 2021
August 2021
The Integration Of Synergix ERP System With IoT Solution For Manufacturing Industry
09 Aug 2021

The integration of Synergix ERP system with IoT solution for manufacturing industry banner - The Integration Of Synergix ERP System With IoT Solution For Manufacturing IndustryIntegrating ERP systems with IoT (Internet of  Things) solutions is not something new nowadays. This trend appeared a long time ago and still continues to become more and more popular because of its benefits to every industry, especially manufacturing. In fact, this combination is a huge step that helps manufacturers improve production efficiency, enhance asset management, improve forecasting and boost customer relationship management. In order to fulfill our valued customers’ increasing needs, Synergix Technologies now integrates our ERP system with an IoT (Internet of Things) solution. 

The first purpose is to gather, visualize and set alerts. This combination aims to capture system operation status on Manufacturing Lines for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) applications such as Conveyor System, Laser Welder, Hioki Battery Tester, and other PLC based control stations. The second one is to integrate data on a centralized platform. It means that all machine data will be integrated into a centralized OEE Platform, integrating to ERP System. 

By the integration, Synergix Technologies hopes to provide full support to all our manufacturing customers. In addition to all the general benefits, we would like to list some main special advantages of the integrating our ERP software with an IoT solution.

An outstanding value of uniting an ERP system with an IoT solution is to capture individual status operation takt time. In fact, this combination provides tools, such as workers’ ID scanners, to follow up with the production process of employees for better workers’ efficiency tracking. 

Moreover, it also helps enterprises to capture the idling time of machines in production lines. Machines are vital to ensure on-time product delivery. This integration guarantees that companies can track their machines’ health. A regular health check for machines can help to prevent machine downtime, as a result, reduce disruption to production progress. 

And finally, another scope of combining ERP system with IoT solution is to set alarms and alerts during station downtime. In reality, there could be unpredictable problems that may disrupt your production plan, such as the shortage of material, machine downtime, etc. However, our solution will help companies to keep track of their production process and then come up with real-time data. Therefore, enterprises can react immediately whenever something wrong happens. 


It is obvious that integrating the Synergix ERP system with an IoT solution brings various benefits to manufacturing enterprises. It helps companies capture individual status operation takt time, record idling time of machine, and be informed during station downtime. Because of this, manufacturers can promptly solve unforeseen problems without affecting the production process.

To encourage manufacturing companies to adopt advanced technologies, the Singapore government has released several grants to help them reduce the net cash impact. Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) which provides eligible companies financial support of up to 80% of qualifying cost has been extended till March 2022. Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is also available to help minimize qualifying project costs.

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