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Top Benefits That A CRM Solution Brings To Your Enterprise

Year 2021
July 2021
Top Benefits That A CRM Solution Brings To Your Enterprise
12 Jul 2021

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CRM solution is an important part of Synergix ERP System. But what is CRM? And what are its benefits?

CRM solution, or Customer Relationship Management solution is a vital tool that enables businesses to store, manage and segment data on customer data including customer interactions such as user behavior, purchase histories, notes on sales contacts, etc. Thanks to this system, all information about your current and potential customers will be gathered and analyzed through different channels from your website, social media, telemarketing, or email marketing campaigns so that you can create incredible customer experiences. A CRM solution obviously can benefit enterprises in many ways and here are some of them. 

Deliver better customer service

Although a CRM solution has a lot of features, it is undeniable that its primary value is to improve the relationship between customers and businesses. Actually, this module allows organizing all of your contacts and collecting key customer data, such as demographics, purchase histories, etc. Moreover, not only sales staff can access this information but authorized users in the company can when they are in need. This guarantees that all employees in the company can keep up to date with all information about their customers in real-time so that they can quickly fulfill their needs, bring a better experience and then increase customer satisfaction. 

Enhance customer retention

Many people think that attracting more new customers is the most important thing to do for your business, but in fact, customer retention is the central player in overall growth. And thanks to its functions, CRM is absolutely a great assistant that helps you retain your customers and even promote their loyalty. CRM solutions enable you to understand customer’s sentiment, their insight, and even to measure their satisfaction. By accompanying customers all the time, they will be more likely to trust you, choose you when they need to buy something, and stay loyal for longer.

Ameliorate sales activities

A CRM solution provides a centralized place with all information where you can keep track of your sales process, categorize your sales pipelines, automate key tasks, and analyze your sales data. Hence, this solution allows you to create a step-by-step sales procedure which is available and trustworthy for all employees and you can readily change as problems emerge.

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Furthermore, utilizing a CRM solution also helps your sales team close deals faster. In fact, this solution enables you to respond to leads or prospects more quickly and efficiently. When customers receive timely responses to their inquiries, you are more likely to convert their inquiries into sales.

Better customer segmentation

If you have to work with a messy list of hundreds or thousands of contacts, it will be absolutely overwhelming and even stressful. But luckily, CRM is a helpful solution that can help you segment contacts of both customers and prospects into target audiences. It will help to make focused lists by automatically breaking down data based on categories and criteria, like location, gender, age,… In marketing and sales, these segmented lists enable you to personalize your marketing campaigns. For example, instead of sending a general email to all customers, you can send emails reflecting customer’s preferences, interests, and values with the help of this solution. 

Streamline internal communications

Aside from boosting the communication between your business and your customers, a CRM solution is also an efficient tool to build up effective communication within the company. In fact, different departments can share customer data remotely, which means that all employees can update what others are doing so that you can follow the progress of any task and then ensure a smooth workflow. 


Overall, Customer Relationship Management solutions can be beneficial to businesses which are dealing with a large customer base. Synergix Technologies provides a CRM solution inside our ERP System. Feel free to contact us to have more information about our CRM solution.

And to enhance this digitalization journey, the Singapore Government has released  Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) and Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) for enterprises. By that, eligible companies can receive the funding of up to 80% of the qualifying cost. Since these grants are going to expire in March 2022, this year is the best time for businesses to adopt ERP software for higher productivity and efficiency. 

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