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Waste Management ERP Software: Grant up to 50%

Year 2023
June 2023
Waste Management ERP Software: Grant up to 50%
22 Jun 2023

waste management sendin.jpg - Waste Management ERP Software: Grant up to 50%

Many businesses in Singapore have started embarking on their digital transformation journey whereby digital technology is integrated into all areas of a business, fundamentally improving how they operate. As one of the leading local Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System provider in Singapore, Synergix Technologies has assisted more than 600 SMEs throughout their transformation journey.

Some of our clients today in the waste management industry includes: V8 Environmental, SMC Industrial, Tee Medical Services, Chiang Kiong Maintenance, and more.

If you are looking for a Waste Management ERP software for your business, read on!

Contract Quotation

With the contract rental quotation, your salesperson would be able to create a new rental quotation for your customers whenever there is a quote request. Synergix ERP System supports a flexible price mechanism to handle various rental or service pricelists that your sales may be required to quote. As you may have various billing frequencies with different clients, Synergix supports a complete billing frequency method including one-time charges, usage-based charges, and fixed recurring billing methods such as monthly, quarterly, and annually, allowing you to create a contract quotation that suits the requirements of your customers. Once the quotation is prepared, it can be routed for approval by the approving manager before sending it out to the customer. The approving manager will be able to approve/reject directly from the email whereby all information required will be displayed in the email for their reference.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Once the quotation has been confirmed, users can easily convert it into a contract for lifecycle management. Here, you will be able to manage all your active contracts and monitor it’s expiry date. Along the way, your customers may require some changes in the initial contract. Hence, users can perform contract revisions and keep track of the revised contract details. In addition, you could also easily manage the renewal and termination of the contract here with just one click.

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Delivery Order

After creating the contract, your client may then call in to activate the rental of your rubbish bins. Hence, via our Delivery Order screen, you are able to pick the various bins or containers that you will be renting out to your clients. Synergix Waste Management ERP software could keep track of the number of bins rented out and should you find it possible, the software can support a serial number of the bins and equipment that you are renting out to your customer.  As Synergix’s software is also web-based, you can equip your delivery staff with a tablet while sending the items and allow a digital signature to be signoff by your customer on the tablet. A softcopy of the signed Delivery Order will then be emailed to both you and your customer for reference

After the bins are rented out, your operation team can do either pre-scheduled planning of waste collection route whereby you would be able to create unlimited routes in Synergix ERP Software. For each of the routes, you could specify who is the driver and what vehicle to use. The scheduled route may be continuously updated with the new customer that you are serving, the location, and the priority as well. Aside from the scheduled one, you may also have ad-hoc waste collection trips that you need to do as and when your customer call to request.

Information for waste collection can be displayed on mobile devices so that drivers can refer to daily before they start their trips and upon reaching clients’ locations, they can just simply touch a button to indicate “complete” for real-time recording of the waste collection trip. In the event any of your bins rented out is damaged, they can take a photo via the mobile device and it will be automatically uploaded to the headquarters for real-time reporting.

In the event required, for those waste that is collected from your clients’ locations, we can integrate with your weighing bridge to auto-record the “in-weight” for the rubbish before sending it off to NEA for disposal.

Via our Contract Usage screen, you will be able to track the number of waste collection trips done by your driver. Any other charges such as damage fees, for example, can also be recorded via this screen, and automatically, all of these services will be reflected in our Contract Billing screen so that the finance team will be aware of the total amount to bill your client on top of the rental fees. When you need to bill the customer, you need not worry about invoices left unbilled. This is because, with Synergix’s centralized billing feature, the system will monitor which contract is due.

Procurement and Inventory

Synergix Waste Management ERP Software also comes with inbuilt Procurement and Inventory modules. When there are insufficient stocks on hand or anyone needs to raise a purchase request (such as for office equipment), users can make use of our Purchase Requisition module to raise such requests. Supporting e-workflow approval, an alert will be automatically sent to the approving officer before the purchaser proceeds with supplier sourcing and issuing the Purchase Order to the supplier. For easier comparison, the system will reflect historical Purchase Order prices and the preferred vendor list to recommend the purchaser which suppliers to source from.

Once the Purchase Order has been issued, you will also be ready to do GRN via our Logistics module when the goods have been delivered to your warehouse. Synergix Waste Management Software is able to manage partial delivery so that any outstanding delivery owed by the supplier will always be tracked. When the goods are received, you are also able to make use of the QAQC module, whereby you can do a quality check on the items before stocks get updated into your inventory while any rejected items can be returned to the supplier.

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Human Resource

Synergix Human Resource module conforms to MOM and local regulations. It comes with features allowing you to monitor your employees’ attendance, which will be linked to the payroll module to calculate their salary. Staff Claims and Deductions are also captured via Synergix Payroll module. With our e-Leave module, users can apply for their leaves through our software while the managers can approve/reject the application directly from our software. The Staff Appraisal module allows you to review the performance of your staff based on the KPI performance. Other modules such as Training & Certification module shall help you track all the various courses that your staff attended, their skill and certifications achieved, and the budget spent for each headcount on the various courses.


Ultimately, all modules will be linked to the Accounts department where the finance team can make use of our AR, AP, GL, Bank Book, and Fixed Assets as part of a fully integrated program. If you have a group of businesses, we have a Consolidation module that tracks inter-company transactions, manages elimination entries, and allows you to create group finance reports.

Business Analytics and Reports

Synergix Waste Management ERP Software comes with over 500 standard reports to give you an overview of your company’s performance. In addition to that, users can make use of our Business Analytics module to generate any ad-hoc report in real-time. Reports can then be auto-emailed to a specific group of users based on your scheduled time interval. These reports can also be exported out into a graphical manner for financial report presentation. For users who prefer to have a bird’s eye view, you can consolidate and design your personalized dashboard for a quick glance.

Government Grants

As a PSG pre-approved vendor (recognized by IMDA), Synergix Technologies has helped many SMEs tap on Productivity Solutions Grant which is up to 50% of the qualifying cost. Other than that, depending on your company’s profile and modules purchased, we can also look into other available grants such as Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG), and Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB).

Should you be interested in Synergix Waste Management ERP software, feel free to drop us a message now!

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