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5 Proven Ways to Increase Employee Engagement Online

Year 2022
October 2022
5 Proven Ways to Increase Employee Engagement Online
06 Oct 2022

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Remote work has been growing for years and will continue to happen. As businesses and people switch to this new remote norm, many are seeing the benefits of virtual employment. However, managing a remote workforce is not always simple. So, how do you secure the success of your remote team? Maintain employee engagement no matter where they work. There are numerous methods for keeping remote personnel motivated. In this post, we will discuss 5 proven tactics for engaging your remote workforce.

Stay Connected

Insufficient social connections are one of the primary reasons why workers who work remotely may not feel motivated at their jobs. The development of a cohesive team depends on effective communication. Remote employees sometimes find it hard to express their thoughts and emotions to supervisors and coworkers due to invisible barriers.

Keep your remote staff linked by using effective communication channels strategically. Use apps like Zoom, Asana, and Slack, for example, to enhance communication and project management among team members so that everyone is on the same page. Take advantage of video conferencing as well. While emailing and texting are good ways to communicate, face-to-face video meetings can make your staff feel more present without being in the office.

Keep Leadership Visible

Leadership is more important than ever in times of ambiguity and change. It is commonly known that leadership affects employee engagement, especially remote workers. The finest managers will help their people learn and grow by following up with them, giving them chances to attend training courses. 

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In Synergix ERP System with Human Resource Management module, each employee’s annual training/course spending is shown and accessible by the employee and manager. Through the Continuous Professional Development points, which are added to the point system, they can also keep track of their development. Excess points may be carried over to the following year as the employee develops over time.

Use the Correct Tools

You cannot expect remote workers to remain engaged by continuously inundating them with emails, noticeboard postings, and pointless meetings. Using a single, inconspicuous digital solution is the ideal approach. By doing this, expectations and norms will be set without alienating or overburdening remote workers.

To choose the best tool for your business, you need to go through all of the options. For instance, your business can replace your outdated, decentralised systems with a modern one – such as Synergix ERP solution – in order to manage day-to-day tasks more efficiently. A best-fit software will streamline all procedures, make things easier for remote workers to follow up without being bombarded by tons of app notifications.

Honour your Staffs

There are numerous ways to make employees feel that they are honoured and respected, but doing so while working remotely is challenging. You must make an extra effort to recognise contributions and accomplishments to increase employee engagement.

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According to Deloitte, an employee reward program can boost remote workers’ performance, productivity, and engagement by 14%. Here are some excellent methods to thank and value remote workers for their efforts:

  • sending signed cards or letters from peers and supervisors
  • implementing employee of the month campaigns
  • recognising private occasions like birthdays and anniversaries
  • greetings on shared communication channels on a frequent basis

All of these activities boost remote employee engagement by fostering a sense of worth among employees. Additionally, it promotes comprehension for all.

Consider Time Zone Differences

The ability to hire people from all over the world to work for you remotely is a privilege. Only when managers respect their employees’ timezone can this privilege be used to its fullest potential. Giving remote employees considerable freedom to choose their own schedules is a common management tactic for fostering engagement. Employees who are under constant pressure to work long hours will get distracted and stressed. They will therefore be less involved.

Avoid an “always-on” workplace since it is both ineffective and unethical. Managers should unquestionably respect weekends, holidays, and celebrations. Employees that work remotely should be given the appropriate freedom and amount of time so that they are self-driven, motivated, and motivated to work. 


Remember that it’s a continuous work to nurture and develop remote personnel while looking into how to engage them and keep them interested. Engagement is never a single activity that you  can do and then cross off your list. Your greatest asset is a workforce that is engaged. 

With the aid of technology, particularly an ERP system, your journey will go much more quickly and smoothly. Your unique needs will be fully satisfied by Synergix ERP software, a fully integrated, customisable, cloud-based ERP system. Contact us now for a free demo!

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