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What do you look for in the right ERP system?

Year 2017
July 2017
What do you look for in the right ERP system?
24 Jul 2017

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As we know Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can automate numerous functions and produce overall benefits that would improve the productivity of your business. This is often on the assumption that the ERP system chosen & purchase is a good fit for your company that fulfills all the mentioned benefits. There is no “ultimate” ERP system as they usually are unique customizations made to fit every business’s own work flow and no businesses are 100% identical. Each having different needs to fulfill.

Know your requirements
Often companies should question themselves as to what problems an ERP system should solve for them. What are some of the business functions that they will want to be automated? How would automation benefit their industry & business? It will be efficient to know about your own priorities before approaching vendors, it will assist them in pointing you to the solutions and not a grand tour around all their ERP solutions which usually ends with their salesperson defining requirements for you.

Functionality & Compatibility
Once your ERP system requirements are in place, the next important component would be the functionality. How well can any of those ERP vendors fulfill your requirements? It should not only cater for current usage but also be design to be able to integrate future adoption of technology. Compatibility with current hardware, system & applications is also an area of concern if the new system introduced is not compatible with many of the ongoing hardware, system & application. It will be tough to live run the ERP system in full sync.

Purchase process
Now you are sure of what you need, it is time to approach vendors. Do remember to always ask for live demos & presentations. For the best results, you should share more information with the vendors and give them as many data as they need to prepare a demonstration of your specific workflow on their ERP system. This will then give you a feel of how your data will work on their system. Another good tip is to ask these vendors for company reference or clients that they had who have a similar workflow as your business.

Post purchase
Many businesses fail ERP implementation as not much consideration was given to it. In actual fact, post sales are critical to businesses. Training & implementation is how well your company can transit into using the new system. At the stage, the ERP vendor must be there to support your company and your employees in this crucial transition.

After all these considerations are given, price considered, you will then be able to make an informed decision in choosing an ERP system that is best for you.

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