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What’s Next for Tech Trends 2022?

Year 2021
December 2021
What’s Next for Tech Trends 2022?
30 Dec 2021

tech trends 2022 blog banner 300x169 - What’s Next for Tech Trends 2022?Once again, another pandemic year comes to a close. A new year is drawing near with hope and recovery. In 2021, we have already experienced many advanced technologies in response to the outbreak. This is a clear demonstration of the importance of technology in humanity support. Undoubtedly, we still crave for the help of tech to fully recover and flourish in the near future. This article is a shortlist of our predictions for tech trends 2022. Read up to explore the best part!

Self-service & Low-code ERP Software

Customisable ERP systems remain a preferable choice for the ability to meet enterprises’ unique sets of requirements. Despite that, the customisation process sometimes is time-consuming and inflexible. Businesses always have to rely on ERP developers to configure or re-formulate codes. Besides, Covid-19 has forced firms to have an economical strategy on any actions. These invisibly accelerate the adoption of an ERP system with self-service capabilities powered by low-code technology.

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Understanding the difficulties, many ERP vendors have changed traditional systems to ones with self-service, low-code customisation abilities. And it can be a promising trend in the 2022 ERP market. Specifically, self-service ERP systems enable users to create customised dashboards, configure data sets and processes to create reports even if they do not have IT departments. Low-code or no-code technology allows users to deploy and go through configuration processes easily. Enterprises, hence, are able to flexibly adjust ERP solutions for their own business models by themselves.

Mobile ERP Applications

In addition to self-service and low-code ERP software, mobile ERP apps also gain popularity during the global lockdown. Now when remote working becomes a norm, it pushes businesses to explore newer ways to leverage mobile tools as an extension of ERP systems. Mobile ERP apps allow more convenient access for users just via internet-connected mobile devices while still functioning the same as web-based ERP software. In 2022, because Covid-19 has not ended yet, more firms are going to onboard mobile ERP apps, making it a necessary operational tool.

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AI For Data Analytics & Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has been facilitating businesses processes more efficiently and powerfully. In 2022, AI is still expected to make a remarkable contribution to analytics and cyber. So it will obviously become one of the most outstanding tech trends 2022.

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Data analytics is now more accessible and automated thanks to AI. According to Gartner, the percentage of enterprises that utilise AI in operational processes is 75%. AI-driven processes will enhance the efficiency of streaming data and analytics infrastructure up to 5x times. As such, AI will assist businesses in report generation and dissemination by automatically collecting internal data, delivering insights and values faster. This empowers users to handle data easier, eliminating lots of manual processes and mistakes.

For cyber security, businesses still struggle with multi-types of security breaches. Deloitte Insights’s statistics show that the cybercrime cost will keep climbing. It is predicted to be $6 trillion by the end of 2021, and $10.5 trillion by 2025. The average cost of a single data breach is also claimed to raise 10% from 2019, reaching $4.24 million in 2021. To prevent this, AI is capable of detecting the smallest malware threats and attacks by using sophisticated algorithms. It also predicts breach risks based on users’ behaviors and alerts them before they enter any websites. Therefore, AI-based cybersecurity systems can be a powerful assistant to reinforce businesses’ cyber resilience in the next few years.

Blockchain Technology

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Popularized since 2016, blockchain has been and will continually be an enormous contributor in the following year, bringing countless benefits for businesses. As an open ledger, blockchain can record national and cross-border transactions transparently. Businesses, thanks to this, can extend their markets across the globe and reach out more potential clients with trust, generating more immense value for the global economy.

Moreover, blockchain provides a base platform for digital currencies (for example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin). Currently, more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies and 50 million blockchain wallet users are available globally, manipulating the benefits of blockchain, as Analytics Insight stated in its recent news. Thus, businesses and investors are able to perform seamless transactions over the globe on the highest level of transparency without worrying about exchange rates.


Technology is continuing to evolve and make our lives easier. Somehow, it is also a big motivation for tech firms to challenge and integrate with the pace. As a leading ERP developer, Synergix Technologies always embraces potential opportunities to grow, connect with more clients, and deliver our best service.

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