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Investing in an ERP System for Field Service Management

Year 2018
June 2018
Investing in an ERP System for Field Service Management
11 Jun 2018

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In the management of businesses in the Field Servicing industry, managers may have experienced certain challenges in Field Service Management (FSM) due to various outdated procedures. Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning system offers four benefits of ERP system for Field Service Management which can solve many existing issues in your company’s management.

Mobile Usability

It is a norm that one’s activities are now assisted with convenient software installed on their smartphones, from finding a restaurant to booking a flight ticket. However, in business, most companies have not utilized solutions to provide employees with such convenience. With Synergix E1 ERP system for Field Service Management, on-site workers can get right-away access to essential data such as stock availability, customers’ history or records of performed services from their personal devices (i.e. mobile phone, iPad, laptop). Furthermore, updating current tasks to the system is so convenient that even without a network connection, data will be saved and automatically synchronized to the Synergix ERP system later when the network is available.

Real-Time Smart Scheduling

Overlapping or unnoticed work can be prevented with the implementation of an ERP system. When office staff schedule service jobs for the technicians using Synergix ERP system, they will be able to see which technician is available on that particular day, saving time on checking for availability separately. Thus, not only managers have a clear overview of business operations but staff members are also aware of their work as they can check the real-time status of any tasks in the system whenever needed. As a result, efficient scheduling contributes to higher productivity and might increase employee satisfaction as well.

Transparent Information & Faster Billing

Using the ERP software, all business performance information is updated to your system on a regular basis, ensuring business transparency throughout the whole company. Your Finance department receives even more benefits from the ERP system. According to service performance, billings can be generated automatically (monthly/ quarterly/ annually), or as and when required. Users are also supported with the closing of books, cashbook transaction records, and other processes accordingly.

Customization of ERP system for Field Service Management

Understanding that each company has a different work process and specializes in various unique fields, the Synergix E1 ERP system for Field Service Management is capable of offering detailed ERP customization based on business requirements, along with dedicated consultation aiming at providing your company with the best fit ERP system software.

Summary on ERP system for Field Service Management

ERP systems have been not only a rising trend in Singapore but also a need for all enterprises globally, especially small and medium ones, in the near future. Preparing your company with Synergix E1 ERP software is one step ahead to get ready for the era of automation.

The Singapore government supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in using technology to increase overall productivity and provides funding schemes that facilitate the development and deployment of innovative and smart technologies. One such funding grant is the WorkPro – Job Redesign Grant, which covers 80% of project costs or up to $20,000 per worker, whichever is lower.

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