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Best highlights from Synergix Run for Fund 2023

Year 2023
November 2023
Best highlights from Synergix Run for Fund 2023
06 Nov 2023

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On October 28, Synergix Technologies held a charity fundraising event called “Run for Fund 2023”. The event placed priority on supporting children who are dealing with cancer at K Hospital Hanoi. All donations have been used transparently to support paediatric cancer patients, hoping to help them to have more strength on their health-recovery journeys.

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The spirit of the athletes preparing to participate in the race

The main slogan of this charity event was “Giving is forever”. This slogan distils the Synergix’s spirit: giving to others without expecting anything in return. Our ultimate goal was to bring people from all departments to participate in an exciting outdoor activity while contributing to society. 

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Hanny and Hubert, the 2023 Run for Fun winners, ran ~220 kilometres in total. 

The Synergix – Run for Fund 2023 race kicked off from Sep 28th to Oct 28th on the Strava app platform, attracting many registrations to participate from departments within the company, achieving a total distance of 700 kilometres.

The main event was held officially in Yen So Park, which is one of the most beautiful parks in Hanoi. Before the main event began, the organising committee created an atmosphere of excitement and solidarity with a series of warm-up games at our office. From overcoming physical challenges together to solving puzzles through cooperation and intelligence, Synergix’s colleagues have built a positive and interactive environment. At 8 am Oct 28th, the shuttle bus departed from the office and arrived at Yen So park at 9 am. There were several activities for people to join in the main event day.  

  1. Group activities: Tug of war, relay marathon 
  2. Individual activity: 100m sprint  
  3. Charity activity: long distance running 

The Synergix colleagues separated into three major groups, which are: “Savouring”, “Eat Clean” and “Protein Team”. The 3rd team excellently achieved the highest score and won the overall game. It was a joyful day and all members had several memorable experiences. 

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Giving gifts and certificates to three team captains

Representative of the Organizing Committee, Ms. Zin Ngo, General Manager, said that every step an “athlete” takes will have a profound humane meaning. The activity not only increases the bond and solidarity between Synergix officers and employees, but is also an opportunity to encourage sportsmanship and widespread kindness in the community.

In conclusion, Synergix’s Run for Fund 2023 was an exciting activity that brought people from departments together while contributing to a good cause. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental business philosophy component for Synergix Technologies and we are all looking forward to organising fun and meaningful activities like this in the future.

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