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Corporate Social Responsibility Dec 2017 | Synergix Technologies

Year 2018
May 2018
Corporate Social Responsibility Dec 2017 | Synergix Technologies
11 May 2018

CSR1 - Corporate Social Responsibility Dec 2017 | Synergix Technologies

Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd – Corporate Social Responsibility Program

At Synergix Technologies, we aim to give back to the society whenever we can, as such our staff created this new initiative program to help and educate the elderly on the latest technology and IT news.

Our company is committed to organize such an event and support our staff to volunteer. As we continue to strive for daily business excellence, we must not underestimate the impact we can achieve through each interaction the program delivers. Knowing that we planted a smile on their faces in the limited time we have with the elderly is the greatest takeaway for the day.

CSR December 2017

In December 2017, our staff volunteers were at Kebun Baru View RC for our final CSR session of the year! We spent an enjoyable afternoon with the elderly teaching them how to use common mobile applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp to connect with their friends, as well as answering their queries about IT technology.

As with our past CSR experiences, we are truly heartened at the level of energy and support our participants showed. Therefore to better answer their queries, we will be expanding our volunteer team for all future CSR events!

The session ended off with a tea break for the participants. We are grateful for PA’s help and support in making this event successful. For the year 2018, we look forward to continuing our CSR efforts to contribute to the community. Cheers!