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Synergix CSR: Run for Fund 2023

Year 2023
October 2023
Synergix CSR: Run for Fund 2023
23 Oct 2023

Backdrop Synergix Run for Fund 2023 - Synergix CSR: Run for Fund 2023

On October 28, 2023, Synergix is holding a very important charity fundraising event – “Run for Fund 2023” with an aim of supporting unfortunate children who are struggling with dangerous cancer at K Hospital. All donations from this event will be used to support pediatric cancer patients, partially supporting them to continue their journey of fighting and recovering their health. With the motto “Giving is forever”, Synergix believes that our Charity Run Event is not only an opportunity to create positive change, but also a way to spread the word radiating compassion and hope.


“Giving is forever” is the main slogan of this charity event. It emphasises the importance of giving to others without expecting anything in return. The Synergix‘s ultimate goal is to bring people from all walks of life to participate in an exciting activity while contributing to a good cause.  

Run for Fund 2023 anh 1 - Synergix CSR: Run for Fund 2023

Event Details  

A few years ago, Synergix staff had a good chance to participate in the marathon race for charity and had several memorable experiences. To continue that spirit, the event will be hosted by Synergix Technologies and held officially on October 28th, 2023, in Yen So Park.  Before the fundraising event begins, Synergix has created an atmosphere of excitement and solidarity by organising a series of warm-up games. From overcoming physical challenges together to solving puzzles through cooperation and intelligence, members have built a positive interactive environment and are willing to work together to achieve the event’s goals.

Run for Fund 2023 anh 2 - Synergix CSR: Run for Fund 2023

Company staff can register for the event online or on-site on the day of the event. The registration fee is free, and there will be various activities for teams and individuals to compete. Through registration from many people in different departments, the organisers will summarise and exchange the total kilometers of all runners achieved within 3 weeks before the actual date into money, then deliver it to poor-health children as financial aid.  

Thought Sharing  

“I remember, the first time I joined, it was really a challenging and exhausting experience, but a great competition and rewarding event,” stated a member of the Synergix crew. For this reason, I am eagerly anticipating the next “Run for Fund 2023″ and excited to see which team will be working on next.”

The other: “This outdoor event this time can help me balance work and leisure. I will be able to take a refreshing break from hectic schedules while still giving back to the community and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”  

Run for Fund 2023 anh 3 - Synergix CSR: Run for Fund 2023

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  

Synergix Technologies as one of the leading ERP system provider always considers corporate social responsibility (CSR) a fundamental business philosophy component. Synergix Technologies is dedicated to improving society by funding programs that advance environmental sustainability and social well-being.   

“Run for Fund 2023” encourages volunteerism and community involvement, consistent with our CSR principles and objectives. We urge staff members to support the cause and participate in the event.   

Run for Fund 2023 anh 4.png - Synergix CSR: Run for Fund 2023


“Run for Fund 2023” will be a great opportunity for Synergix staff to make a difference in the community while enjoying themselves with coworkers. By participating in the event, you can contribute to a good cause and support charity organisations to improve the lives of Vietnamese children from disadvantaged backgrounds.