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Synergix ERP Software Updates - July 2021

Year 2021
July 2021
Synergix ERP Software Updates - July 2021
29 Jul 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

We sincerely value your continuous trust and support in using Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning system. From that, Synergix Technologies gets stronger motivation to implement ongoing innovation and enhancements. We understand how to fulfill given requirements in order to enrich user experience with the best satisfaction.

In this July of 2021, we would like to give you a couple of the below updates.


1. Payment Party different from Supplier – Purchase Screens (TH6_PURCHASE_ORDER_SUPPLIER_UOM, E1 – TH6_GOODS_RECEIVING_V1, E1 – TH6_GOODS_RECEIPT_INVOICE_V1)

Now, Synergix ERP system allows users to create Payment Party different from Supplier. This new feature will enable companies to change Payment Party as a different Supplier from the Original Supplier. This feature will be useful when companies have payment on behalf by Employee or Credit Card Company and still want to record original suppliers.

In Purchase Order – Supplier UOM screen, ERP system users can raise Purchase Request to purchase from supplier and generate Purchase Order. Once Purchase Order is generated, ERP software users can modify Purchase Order screen to indicate Payment Party to be a Supplier which is different from Original Supplier.

Purchase Order - Synergix ERP Software Updates - July 2021

Purchase Order

In Good Receiving Summary screen, there is one new Payment Party column that can be hidden or shown. This added column gives users a quick glance on the Payment Party, instead of opening two tabs to check again the Payment Party before generating Good Received Note.

Good Receiving - Synergix ERP Software Updates - July 2021

Good Receiving

In Billing Purchase screen, ERP software users can only combine all outstanding Good Received Note which is under the same Payment Party for the same Supplier. The Payment Party field has been added in the header which enables users to choose the Payment Party and submit for billing accordingly.

Purchase Billing - Synergix ERP Software Updates - July 2021

Purchase Billing


1. Auto Send Budget Alert Email (FC: TH6_LOCAL_ALERT_SETTING)

The “Automatically Send Budget Alert Email” feature in Synergix ERP software is to send a budget alert email automatically to the intended person. This feature is triggered when the total cost of a project including committed cost and actual cost exceeds a certain threshold.

To set up in the Local Email Alert Setting screen, ERP solution users can access to Master Setup > Administration > System Configuration > Local Email Alert Setting.

Auto Send Budget Alert Email - Synergix ERP Software Updates - July 2021

Auto Send Budget Alert Email

2. Widget – Pending Progress Claim From Subcon (FC: TH6_PJ_PENDING_PROGRESS_CLAIM_FROM_SUBCON)

Synergix ERP system enables users to keep track of pending subcon contracts in the Pending Progress Claim From Subcon Dashboard. This widget will benefit companies and main contractors by providing information at a glance on the subcon claims that have not created, so that they can follow up with the subcontractors.

Pending Progress Claim From Subcon - Synergix ERP Software Updates - July 2021

Pending Progress Claim From Subcon

Kindly note that the dashboard is only applicable for the subcon contracts which have not terminated, closed and come up with final claim vouchers.

3. Import template for Costs Allocation screen (FC: TH5-03717)

Costs Allocation screen allows Synergix ERP software users to control and keep track of financial allocation as well as current payables. Now, the import button is added in the screen so that users can import cost allocation details. Upon clicking on “Import” button, there will be a popup screen that allows users to choose the spreadsheet for downloading.

Cost Allocation - Synergix ERP Software Updates - July 2021

Cost Allocation

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