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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | July 2016

Year 2016
July 2016
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | July 2016
13 Jul 2016

Project Costing ERP Software: Project Billing Opening for Billing by Project/Phase

With the Project Billing Opening Balance feature, users can now bill any opening balance projects. Upon submission of the Progressive Billing voucher, Synergix E1 ERP system will generate a Project Billing Opening Balance Invoice, capture all of its information and display them in the various project-related reports for your Management’s perusal.

Trading & Distribution ERP Software: Sales Quotation Approval via Hierarchical by SBU and Item Margin

Synergix E1 ERP solution introduces a new method of Sales Quotation Approval – Hierarchical by SBU and Item Margin. When enabled, Synergix E1 ERP system will route all Sales Quotation to the designated Strategic Business Unit (SBU) based on the Item Margin Percentage for approval, following the Management Hierarchy that has been configured. There can be more than one approving officer for each level of Item Margin, and only one of the approving officer’s approval is required per level.

Payroll ERP Software: Itemized Payslip as per MOM’s Regulations

As Synergix E1 ERP system is registered to IRAS and approved by MOM, Synergix holds our promise to keep our clients updated with new MOM regulations, as and when they are amended. We have revamped the payslips generated by Synergix E1 ERP software to conform to MOM’s requirements. Your HR Department can now continue to enjoy the ease and efficiency of Synergix E1 Payroll Software.

Human Resource Management ERP Software: Exit Surveys

It may be part of your organization’s standard protocol that all leaving employees complete an exit survey. To make this procedure easier for you, we have added a Trigger Exit Survey function in our HR Employee Screen. Synergix E1 ERP System’s HR users can click to send an exit survey to the leaving employee while updating his employment information, and an email containing the survey link will be sent to the employee. The exit survey can be routed for up to 3 levels of management’s approval.

Accounting ERP Software: Auto-Reversal for Journal Vouchers in the Following Month

Synergix is continuously exploring ways to streamline your Finance team’s work processes with Synergix E1 ERP system. We now feature the automatic reversal of journal vouchers in the following month which users can choose to take effect for the journal voucher they are creating. Relevant and important information such as the GL Account Number will be automatically copied over from the original journal voucher to the reversed journal voucher.



  1. Project Actual/Recognized/WIP Cost Summary
  2. Project Outstanding Debts Aging by Days
  3. Project Actual Cost by Work-head Group
  4. Manufacturing BOM Material Listing Report
  5. Payslip to display Multiple Employer Banks