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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2016

Year 2016
May 2016
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | May 2016
05 May 2016

Payroll ERP System: Leave Work Early Deduction
Synergix E1’s comprehensive ERP system allows tracking of different additions and deductions for the employee. These features can be enabled or disabled depending on the company policy. One deduction track is when an employee leaves work before the assigned working hour time. The system will pull from the timesheet data and calculate the minutes the employee left early and deduct from the salary. This feature is beneficial to companies who want to ensure that high productivity is ensured in the company and that manual work to calculate leaving early is eliminated.



Project Costing Software: Back Charge Auto Generates AR Invoice
Synergix E1 Subcon Progressive Claim and Billing allows construction companies to indicate and track the amount sub con claim and the amount they certify. It usually happens that in the awarding of the contract or as the work occurs, your company may need to cover some costs for the subcontractor. We have modified the ERP system such that when a back charge is issued to a sub-con, a receivable (AR) invoice will be auto-generated for the accounts to see instead of offsetting it against the contract amount. The benefit of this is a separate tracking of the sub con contract from the back charge which is important when additional items are needed to be purchased for the back charge.



Trading and Distribution ERP System: Overhead Cost Pull Default Service Cost
Some nature of Trading and Distribution companies include the assembly and basic production steps to have the finished goods. To record the cost of the finished good, the item’s raw material costs and overhead costs need to be recorded. In the ERP system, users can save in the default service cost and will pull in the other screens such as sales and purchase screens. Now, we have tweaked the ERP system so that production managers does not need to remember the service cost as our ERP system will auto reflect the cost. With this, production managers save time in data entry and finished good costs can be more accurate.



Payroll ERP System: Attachment Tab at Leave Application Screen
Synergix E1 Leave application allows and promotes independence among workers and employees with E-leave application and approval. When applying for leave, workers can indicate the reasons and additional pointers in the remarks field. Now, we have added an attachment tab where workers and employees can add in supporting documents for approving manager’s reference during approval. With this, communication between worker and HR manager is improved and turnaround time for approval is improved.



Trading and Distribution ERP System: Selling Price Priority is Zero
Synergix E1 ERP allows companies to save the selling price in the ERP system which will be auto pulled in the sales screen. Before, selling price priority starts from 1 and goes on. Now, we have tweaked the ERP system so that priority can be set from 0. The benefit of this is so that the selling price can still be maintained and saved in the ERP system but will not be pulled on the processing screens. This is very useful for scenarios where the selling price is seasonal and will be set to priority 0 in the meantime up until needed.




1. Project Cost and Margin Report added with Filter and Remarks Column
2. Inventory Ledger Report with Serial Number
3. Purchase Summary Report with Improved interface with increased column width
4. Project Summary by Project Class Report with option to Exclude Zero Amount Unearned Revenue and WIP Costs
5. Payroll Deduction and Additional Payment Detail to list down all deductions including Leave Work Early Deduction