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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | April 2014

Year 2014
April 2014
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | April 2014
26 Apr 2014

Enhanced Coverage for those under Annual Maintenance Service Package!

Feel FREE to request for services indicated below at ZERO COSTS, including:

  1. Free Features and Report Upgrades, i.e. Free for all new features and reports announced in our monthly newsletters!
  2.  New!FREE Report Enhancement Requests (most of the time – depending on complexity)
  • Adding of filters and existing columns in our software into our standard reports
  • Hiding columns in current standard reports
  • Adding of name / description on top of displaying the code (e.g. Printing Customers Name instead of  only Customer Code in the reports)

3. New! FREE Screen Enhancement Requests: 3.

  • Hiding of fields on our screens
  • Adding of name / description on top of displaying the code (e.g.Printing Customers name instead of only Customer Code in the reports)
  • Additional Remarks Tab Sheet at requested screen voucher level


TaskHub Unaffected by Heartbleed Bug that steals password

We are glad to announce that our system and information is not compromised in any way to the major bug that has been leaking information to the public, called Heartbleed Bug (a major security flaw at the heart of  the internet may have been exposing user’s personal information and passwords to hackers for the past two years).

Below is the statement from IBM that our system that runs the security protocol (SSL) by IBM WebSphere is not affected in all editions and all platforms. As such, there is no worries for our customers as your company sensitive information is safe from the hackers.


Stricter SBU Security control in our Project Costing ERP module

The strict control will allow salesperson to view ONLY their own Project Quotation and Project Order. Likewise, this control will allow the sales manager to view ONLY their own Projects, ALONG with the other Projects that they are given permission to access  in our Project Costing ERP and Project Management ERP System. However, the sales manager will be restricted to access from viewing Projects of the other sales manager / other departments in our Project Costing Management ERP Software.


Enhanced Copy Feature in Transfer Order in Logistics ERP Module

Our Transfer Order for stock transfer across warehouses is now enhanced with Copy from Draft, Active and History Transfer Order to minimize data entry. The enhancement in the Logistics ERP module will benefit our customers who uses our Project Costing ERP and  Project Management ERP module to transfer stock from main warehouse to site warehouse. Also, it will help clients using our Sales ERP, Trading ERP and Manufacturing ERP, who specify different warehouses for Stock Kepping Warehouse, Production Warehouse and External warehouses. Last but not least, it will benefit those using Contract ERP and Service Planning ERP as well.


Timesheet Variation in our Payroll ERP Linked with Project ERP Solution Suite

Our Timesheet for Project ERP worker clock in and out for Project Cost allocation will cater for variation. In the event that the supervisor suspects any mistakes or cheating for the timesheet, they will be able to login online to amend the timesheet accordingly before cost allocation to the Project Costing ERP module.  This will create an accurate project management ERP Software in terms of  actual Project Cost Capturing in the ERP System.


Timesheet Project Cost ERP allocation during pay slip submission

Enhanced Timesheet Cost will be allocated to the project manpower costing when submitting the payslip. This will ensure that the labour cost allocation to Project Costing ERP will cater for scenarios that projects are completed even before payslip is being submitted. This will ensure tighter integration while allowing flexibility between our Payroll ERP Linkage to our Project Costing ERP and Project Cost Management ERP System.


Service PO Receiving Quantity Variance

The enhanced PO receiving variance will work for PO issued for services as well. This will be useful for clients using Adhoc Production ERP module to allow variance in the service PO used for the production. In addition, this feature will be useful across our modules, such as Manufacturing ERP, Project Costing ERP and Project Management ERP, Contract RP, Service Planning ERP, Trading & Distribution Suite.


New Monthly Reports Release includes:

  1. Fixed Assets Report to view assets across different departments, which is useful for companies adopting Manufacturing ERP (machine listings), Project Costing ERP (equipment or machinery listing), Contract ERP (Operational Asset Listing) and Service Planning ERP (van Listing).
  2. Assets Listings Report to list down all their assets holding, which is useful for companies adopting, Manufacturing ERP (machine listings), Project Costing ERP (equipment or machinery listing), Contract ERP (Operational Asset Listing) and Service Planning ERP (van Listing).

iii. Manual Do Listing Report in our Logistics module for Sales ERP, Manufacturing ERP, and Project ERP System.

  1. Inventory On Hand Report with Pack Size Information, especially useful for customers selling products with pack size in our logistics module in our Sales ERP, Manufacturing ERP and Project ERP Software.


Should you have any queries, please email our helpdesk team at  help_taskhub@synergixtech.com for support.