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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | April 2016

Year 2016
April 2016
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | April 2016
08 Apr 2016

Release of TaskHub 6 – New and Exciting User Interface

TaskHub 5 ERP system has proven to be one of, if not the, most comprehensive system in the market when it comes to features. Now, we would like to pair features with usability by improving our user interfaces. In TaskHub 6 ERP, we will be focusing on the less-text-more-image concept where icons will be used for the screens.

We will be releasing the new UI by 2016 Q4 for a few project and purchase screens such as project quotation and purchase requisition.

Increased usability such as grouping of relevant fields will be implemented. High customizability will be enforced as each user can define the colors of the screens and fields. Important buttons will be highlighted and will be emphasized. In general, we have designed the screen to have a simpler and cleaner look and usability, as below. 

Project Costing Software: Subcon Advance Payment

Our comprehensive project solution includes the sub con module which allows your company to generate sub con contract and track sub con claims. We have added a feature so that for any advance payment to sub-con, you can track. The feature will let you indicate the downpayment percent and system will auto calculate the down payment amount. In the subcontractor claim screen, QS can see the advance payment amount to guide them on the amount to certify.

 Trading and Distribution ERP: Payment Tenor and Credit Limit

Currently, TaskHub ERP software has approval routing for most of its modules including sales quotation and sales order. We have added an additional approval layer for payment term and credit limit. Such that for customers who has pending payments exceeding payment term and amount, finance can do checking before the sales quotation can be processed. With this, the company is aided with avoiding bad credits.

Payroll ERP System: Revamping of Payroll Generation Header Tab

The header tab in the Payroll Generation screen has been revamped to provide more pertinent information for HR managers. Information such as bank details – employer bank and employer bank acct number – will be displayed. Earnings and deductions will be indicated and the net salary highlighted in red. The breakdown of CPF contributions and levy will be displayed for easier reference.

Project Costing Software: Stock Allocation of Packsize Items for Purchase Module

TaskHub ERP system purchase module stands out from other ERP systems as items can be allocated in the purchase module, say for multiple projects. As we understand that items can be both loose and pack size, we have revamped the system to allow pack size item allocation. With this, loose items such as screws and tiles can be allocated in boxes, packs etc to the different projects.

Payroll ERP Software: Payroll Timesheet Excel Template Download

TaskHub ERP system not only support getting the timesheet details from the biometric system, manual key in on the screen but also from import to the system. For any new user, importing of the timesheet details is easy as they can access the excel template right on the screen and from there get the timesheet data say from time cards or external sources and import. The system will then calculate the OT hours and pay according to the settings.

Reports and Business Formats

  • Subcon Certification by Project Phase (Summary)
  • Loan Summary Report to show money loaned, repaid and outstanding
  • Goods Receive Note to show pricing
  • General Ledger Detail Home Currency by Segment Report
  • Travel Card Format to Display Allocation Remarks