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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | August 2014

Year 2014
August 2014
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | August 2014
26 Aug 2014

Synergix Technologies is the only ERP vendor invited under the BCA pavilion to showcase our Biometric solution and ERP modules during Build Tech Asia event for Construction Site Management.


We will be showing our ERP Software – TaskHub- along with our biometric devices. Many of our construction customers are using Tablets and Fingerprint devices to capture Time In/Out of workers at various sites all over Singapore.
With a Fully Integrated system, not only do TaskHub Project Cost ERP System handle Project Costing, Project Progressive Claim, but it can also generate BCA EPSS reports which is fully integrated within our ERP program, inclusive of HR modules to allow online processing of the Timesheet for Manpower Costing and Salary Computation.
Build Tech Asia Event is taking place from 14th – 16th October 2014 at Singapore EXPO! Find us at booth F17!


Project Cost ERP – Project Tolerable Budget checking at each cost item
With the critical project budget checking against cost incurred, TaskHub ERP Software enhanced the project cost budget checking at each individual cost item level. As such, the supervisor will be alerted when cost incurred exceeding the budget, for them to response quickly. This enhancement will ensure a more accurate project budget check at each  cost item in addition to the existing Project Budget check for the entire Project. This feature will benefit our customers adopting our Project Cost ERP Solution, Project Management ERP Software and Subcontractor Management ERP System.


Project Cost ERP – Flexibility on Tolerable Budget exceed alert

There is further flexibility on setting up the prompt alert when project cost exceed project budget. You can indicate the budget exceed prompt alert to alert users at:

  1. Project Order Variation, Project Cost Allocation, Project Cost Accrual & Reversal
    2. PR, PO and LG incoming (during Goods receiving), OR
    3. In the Sub-contractor Management Module

The various option on alert prompt will allow you to set the appropriate alert to the respective manager for quick project budget control or project budget variation. This new flexibility will benefit our customers in budget monitoring especially when using our Project Cost ERP, Project Management ERP and Subcontractor Management ERP System.


Service and Maintenance ERP – Sales Quotation item will display in service planning
In the service planning, TaskHub ERP Software will detect if there is any Sales Quotation prepared for the Service Order. When TaskHub ERP Software detects so, it will automatically show the quoted items from the Sales Quotation into the Service Planning screen. As such, during Manpower Planning for the Service Order, the planner has visibility on the items that have been quoted to customers and have been agreed upon. This new Feature will benefit customers using our Service ERP and Maintenance ERP System, and in general will benefit users of our Contract Management Module as well.


Sales ERP – Enhanced approval combination (By SBU, Sales Margin, and Multi-Level Approval) with additional “Pending” tab in Sales Quotation
When salesperson submit their sales quotation for approval, we allow more flexibility to set up the approval combination. As such, the management will be able to set the quotation to route for approval, whether the workflow approval by SBU so that only manager of that SBU can approve. OR additionally, they can indicate whether the approval routing needs to check the sales margin, and whether there is a need for multi-level or sub-level approval.
For example on the combination, please find screenshot below:
The enhanced approval combination will benefit customers using our Distribution Sales ERP and Trading ERP System.




Sales ERP – additional “Pending” tab in Sales Quotation
When Sales Quotation is awaiting for approval, the quotation will be kept in the “Pending At” tab for clear visibility on number of quotation pending approval. The enhanced approval combination will benefit customers using our Distribution Sales ERP and Trading ERP System.


TaskHub ERP Software Login Dashboard
We are launching TaskHub ERP Software Login Dashboard. Each individual users will be able to indicate which dashboard to show when they login to the system for quick alert purpose.
Currently, we have released dashboard below that you can add into your login homepage:

  1. Project Dashboard where Actual Cost more than Tolerable Budget
    2. Project Progressive Claim : Pending Certification from Customer

Gradually, the dashboard across all modules will be rolled out and we will inform you through the Newsletter. As such, the dashboard will benefit all users using our Project Cost ERP, Project Management ERP, Manufacturing ERP, Contract ERP, Service ERP, and Distribution Sales ERP.


New monthly reports release includes:

  1. Sales ERP – Dynamic Sales Report. This report is released on top of the existing Dynamic Sales MARGIN Report. Similarly, the dynamic Sales report gives flexibility to design and analyze the information based on what you want to see, for example, by inventory, customer, or other conditions. However, this report will show ONLY the Qty and Sales amount, while hiding the Cost, Margin and the percentage. This report will help their sales analysis, especially for companies adopting our Sales ERP and Manufacturing ERP System. In general, it will be useful for companies using our Project cost ERP and Project Management ERP, Manufacturing ERP, Contract ERP, Service ERP and Distribution ERP System.
  2. Procurement– AP Aging Report aged by Supplier Invoice Date to display the due days of any outstanding supplier’s invoice with flexibility to filter by invoice date. This New Report will enhance analysis beneficial for companies adopting our procurement and finance module in our Project cost ERP and Project Management ERP, Manufacturing ERP, Contract ERP, Service ERP and Sales ERP Software.


Compliance to IRAS accounting standard
TaskHub ERP Software is in the midst of registering our solution with IRAS. While TaskHub ERP Software has been used by listed companies, we would like to provide further assurance to our customers that TaskHub ERP Software is fully compliant to the IRAS accounting standard with registration with IRAS. We will register when IRAS is open to submission in October.