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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | January 2015

Year 2015
January 2015
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | January 2015
26 Jan 2015

TaskHub Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System Jan 2015 Updates


TaskHub ERP Reports – Save Report Filter Data 
With the enhancement, users will now be able to save all report filter data for repeated and easy generation of reports!


Projects ERP Software – Project Schedule List Report 
Users would now be able to filter this report by Project Start Date ,Installation Date of the projects, and to filter by Project Supervisor. Users can also choose to include or exclude Projects without start dates or installation dates entered (i.e. projects yet to be planned). In addition, Project users can choose to group the report by Project Customer, or by period (Year and Month of Project Installation Date), to generate the report from TaskHub Project Management Software.


Inventories ERP Software – Inventory Stock Aging Report by Year
Currently, the existing report information is grouped by Quarter. With this enhancement, we will also allow users to group the information by Years in the ERP Software. This report will be especially useful for companies with longer aging periods using the TaskHub ERP Solutions.

Contract Management ERP Software – Summary screens enhancements
Synergix has enhanced our ERP Contract Management processing summary screens to include the Created By/Date, Posted By/Date, Last Updated By/Date for easy user references. Salesperson name is also shown in the Contract Quotation and Contract summary screen under our TaskHub Contract Management ERP System.


Contract Management ERP Software – Contract Type 
With the release of Contract Type field, users are now able to categorise the contracts, and to do analysis of the revenues based on the Contract Type selected for each Contract. Users would be able to pull out adhoc reports based on Contract Type using the TaskHub Business Analytics (BA) Tool.


Contract Management ERP Software – Enable Quantity tracking for Operational Assets as well as Service Usage quantity
TaskHub ERP users can now indicate the Operational Asset Quantity quoted in the Maintenance Contract Quotation screen, and TaskHub would be able to restrict the  quantities delivered to customers for the Contract. Similarly, for services rendered, users would be able to indicate the Usage quantities quoted in our TaskHub ERP System Maintenance Contract Quotation screen, and TaskHub would be able to restrict the number of times services are rendered to customers for the Contract.


Payroll ERP Software – TMS Clocking for BCA EPSS report on project mandays spent  
With the enhancement, users will now be able to default the few BCA work trades allowed per worker, and upon the time of clock in, site supervisors or employees can indicate the BCA Trade, e.g. Architectural Works – Cabinets and wardrobe to be done on the day. TaskHub will tabulate the number of mandays spent on each BCA Trade to generate the monthly BCA EPSS Report based on BCA requirements.


Payroll ERP Software – Employee Payroll Category Security Settings 
With the enhancements to TaskHub EPC security settings, users can now set the respective Payroll officers in charge of each EPC, for each aspects – Payroll, HR, Timesheet and Leave information. Hence, a Payroll Officer can be tagged to only see the Timesheet and Leave information, but NOT Payroll and HR information of the particular Employee Payroll Category.


Payroll ERP Software – Effective Period for Donation funds
With this enhancement, users can now define the start date and end date (optional) for the different donation funds. Hence, if there are any changes in fund amounts, or donation to new organisations, users can define when the donation amount will start to be deducted from the employee’s payroll.


Payroll ERP Software – Employee Payslip printing
With TaskHub ERP, employees are able to print their own e-payslips through TaskHub ERP system when required by users. In general, it will be useful for all companies using our Payroll System that conforms to the Singapore IRAS requirements.


Leave ERP – Deduct full day sick leave for employees that fall sick on a half working day
Following the MOM regulation, if employees were to take sick leave on half-work days (e.g. Saturday if employee is a 5.5 days worker), TaskHub would record 1 day instead of half a day of sick leave . In general, it will be useful for companies using our e-Leave System that adheres to the Singapore Government requirements.


Synergix would be deploying JBoss Wildfly to our customers with effect from April 2015 in the subsequent server deployment

Through trials conducted by our Software Architect and team, we have achieved 20-50% speed improvement when we run TaskHub on WildFly instead of WebSphere. Hence, applications would be migrated to run in Wildfly and Synergix will inform customers on the installation date. All renewals for IBM Websphere would be changed to Jboss Wildfly from 2015 renewal onwards.