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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | October 2014

Year 2014
September 2014
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | October 2014
26 Sep 2014

Projects ERP – Subcon Contracts Max Retention Percentage and Amount

Previously our Subcontractor Contract module can handle retention feature and now we’ve enhanced furthered by allowing user to Maximum cap in percentage or amount for Retention. TaskHub ERP Software would thereafter retain the Retention amounts for the invoices generated accordingly.


Projects ERP – Subcon Contract Sum VS Claim VS Certified amount control

TaskHub ERP has now added two more in-built flexible rules to further allow flexibility while maintain control tracking.
– Allow Claim More than Subcon Contract Value
– Allow Certified More than Subcon Contract Value

Hence, construction companies whom are making good use of this module can now have more options to manage their subcon contract differently across different contracts.
Projects ERP – Customer Project Claim Summary and Detail Report

Users can now filter for the report by Sales Person as well as Sales Manager, to generate their respective report amounts.
Inventory ERP – Inventory Enquiry Screen

For Inventories with Lot Number tracking, TaskHub ERP Software will now display the original quantity or quantity of pack sizes received, as well as the receipt date for each Inventory Lot.


Accounts ERP – Inter-company Billing for companies with different home currencies

TaskHub ERP Software is able to support Multi companies for companies with subsidiaries to use a common ERP System.  Previously we already have the inter-company billing function where Company A creates a Direct AR Invoice, TaskHub would auto-create a Draft Direct AP Invoice in Company B database  but now is further enhanced such that users can create interco billing in different currencies.


Fixed Asset ERP – Depreciation Voucher summary screen to filter by Fixed Asset Code

Users can now filter by the Fixed Asset Code as well as Fixed Asset Description in the Depreciation Voucher summary screen.


Inventory ERP –  Enhanced User Friendliness within Inventory Voucher, Incoming Shipment GRN Screens

For items with Serial Numbers, users now have the option to either copy and paste the list of serial numbers to populate for the added inventories, or for TaskHub ERP Software to auto-populate and generate the serial numbers according to the Prefix and Suffix.
New monthly reports release includes:

  1. Inventory ERP – Inventory Stock Aging Reports.

Currently there is one report for FIFO and one report for weighted average inventory. TaskHub ERP Software has enhanced the reports to allow users to filter by Inventory Class, Inventory Category, Inventory Brand and Inventory Model.

  1. T&D ERP – Dynamic Sales Report (with and without Margin).

TaskHub ERP Software has enhanced the report to allow users to filter by Reporting Group Code, as well as to display the Inventory Code, Inventory Description, Service Code and Service Description, Salesperson, Customer, Country of Origin, Industry, Inventory Brand, Category, Class etc in the reports.
iii. Project Cost ERP – Project Allocation Breakdown Detailed Report

  1. Project Cost ERP – Project Allocation Breakdown Detailed Report by Employee
  2. Project Cost ERP – Project Allocation Summary Report by Employee
  3. Project Cost ERP – Payroll Allocation Summary Report