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Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | October 2015

Year 2015
October 2015
Synergix E1 ERP System Updates | October 2015
26 Oct 2015

ERP Software for Service Industry: Reserve Inventory for Service Order 

Our ERP Service Order screen allows the user to – plan servicing and allocate manpower, generate sales quotation from the screen for billable services and record service performance details (items consumed and time performed). Now, TaskHub Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP allows the indication of items to be used for servicing as early as the planning stage and allows the user to reserve these items for the service order. As there may be changes to the materials planned from the actual materials consumed, the reserved items can also be conveniently released and varied during the service performance. This feature inside the ERP provides a more wholesome functionality for the users by allowing the service planners to already take into account any possible items that will be consumed for the servicing.

Manufacturing ERP Software: Costing in Sales Quotation with Multiple Pricing for Varying Quantity Ranges

TaskHub ERP currently has a comprehensive Sales Quotation module allowing users to load and view BOM, set components for the product and route the products to production later on. Currently, the cost of the item is pre-designated by the user. Now, a costing sheet has been developed that allows the user to indicate the material cost, setup cost, coating cost, process cost and miscellaneous costs for that BOM. Consequently, the user can indicate the mark-up percentage in the ERP for each of the cost components and the ERP system will auto calculate the total marked up the cost. Finally, users are also given the option to determine different prices according to different quantity ranges. These features will help in a better costing during quotation stage while accounting for marked up value for all possible costs.

Project Costing Software: Attachment in Cost Item Enquiry and Request

TaskHub’s Cost Item and Enquiry request allow your project planner to monitor the items needed for the project, check status information and conveniently raise a purchase requisition. Now, the Cost Item Enquiry and Request is revamped so that users can add attachments such as photos, files and pdf files in the same screen. This ERP feature allows the user to have a repository of the files gathered for planning and can be used later for coordination with other users.

Manufacturing ERP Software: View Your Rework Order In One Glance

Having a transparent view of the different stages in your production floor is essential in creating better oversight on the processes. Currently, TaskHub ERP Sales Order Enquiry screen lets them see the production information such as stages in production planning and material planning details. Now, the ERP will also display the stages grouped by rework for that sales order. This ERP feature now provides a more in-depth and complete information for better production management and an additional perspective not only for the work order stages but also for the rework stages.

TaskHub ERP Solution: Conformance with MOM to Deduct One Day if Leave Taken on Half Working Day in Payroll Module

Our ERP is always growing and adapting to the varying requirements of companies and to changing regulations in Singapore. With MOM’s new regulation for some industries that medical leave taken on a half working day must be calculated as one full day, TaskHub ERP has developed a feature that will help companies conform to this rule. This ERP feature can be enabled so that for a working week of 5.5 days/week and with an employee taking a half day medical leave on Saturday, the system will calculate a whole day leave on Saturday instead of half day. This new feature shows how TaskHub ERP is flexible and quick in adapting to the changing rules in Singapore.


  1. Project Costing Report is revamped to contain list of purchases made by the supplier and add pertinent information such as Supplier Invoice Number
  2. Project Sales and Margin Report is revamped such that it can be filtered for a specific Project Number
  3. Stock Allocation for Sales, Purchasing and Logistic Inventory Free Balance is upgraded to contain Pack Size Quantity information
  4. Payroll Detail Report can be analyzed by Employee by Company
  5. Monthly Service Receipt Summary can now be generated to analyze all services received from purchases of the company.